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City: Lawrenceville
State: GA
Zip: 30046
Phone: 833-277-3398

About Burns Century Interior Design Lawrenceville Georgia

For two decades, Burns Century has been an independent design consultant, making dreams and ideas into reality for her clients. Burns Century is a nationally-published interior designer in Atlanta. She is also renowned for her spatial vision, unique composition of materials, and transformations into inspiring experiences. Overall, her passion is creating holistically designed, soulful, and meaningful spaces, products, and art that speaks to the individual. She also wants to make a difference in the lives of those who experience them.  

In 1996, her namesake studio, Burns Century Interior Design in Lawrenceville Georgia, was established specializing in custom interior spaces with the philosophy that everyone has a different journey through life. For example, everyone has different stories to tell and everyone is individually different. So then is every space created by Burns Century. She takes your story, your inspirations, and your needs from ideas into meaningful spaces. Listening. Observing. Guiding you down the right paths.  Exploring all the details. Culminating in spaces that are original reflections of your personality, your interests, and your image.  

About Burns Century

Being an independent design consultant allows Burns to find and collaborate with the right people for each client’s project. On any given day she is collaborating with other designers, artists, architects, installers, and more to achieve the overall design. As an independent designer, she represents her client’s best interest and uses a truly design-driven, integrated approach through the process.

While in her studio, Burns of Burns Century Interior Design in Lawrenceville Georgia enjoys designing one-of-a-kind custom products. She also creates mixed-media fine art for a particular client or production pieces for a manufacturer.  Her art evolves from something sge experiences. For example, it is usually something she is reading, or an interior she is designing. Every day, she opens her mind with meditation, prayer and viewing some business or trade publication. Then she is off designing something fabulous for someone.

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