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Distinguish Your Custom Cabinets with Paint, Stain and Glaze
Paint, stain and glaze are incredibly important when designing your new custom cabinets. Although you likely began your custom cabinet design project by choosing the wood and door style that most appealed to your needs and sense of style, the cabinet finishes such as paint, stain and glaze you choose will enhance the overall look of your custom cabinetry while distinguishing your taste. For example, imagine creating a custom island – one that blends with your existing cabinetry, but with a new door style or stain. Consider adding a glaze for a richer, more customized look.  Or consider further customizing the look with painted wood cabinets. With Kountry Kraft, your options are only limited by your taste.


Combining a stain or paint with a glaze can change the look of your cabinetry entirely. For example, if you chose a bead board door, but the stain or paint alone doesn’t do enough to highlight the craftsmanship, adding a deeper glaze will give your cabinets a richer-looking texture. Try adding painted wood cabinets in a coordinating color and discover how this easy touch can provide the details that make custom cabinet design satisfying. We also have an extensive library of custom paint match formulas for our cabinetry. From antiqued looks to the incredible depth that stains, paints and glazes provide, you are sure to enhance the look of your custom cabinetry for years to come –  in a way that expresses your own unique taste!

Finish options include:

  • Natural
  • Stained
  • Painted
  • Glazed
  • Stain with glaze
  • Paint with glaze
  • Paint with brushed glaze
  • Heirloom Collection
  • Distressing options
  • Weathered Grain
  • Color Matches
  • Metal Fusion

Introducing Metal Fusion

METAL FUSION by Kountry Kraft is an exciting new finishing process created to take a wood component from ordinary to extraordinary!

METAL FUSION by Kountry Kraft combines real pulverized metal particles with a special resin. Together they form a coating that replicates the look of metal when applied to traditional wood products. Lighter in weight and lower in price than metal, this finishing process offers affordable options for dramatic accents and focal points throughout the home. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more design inspiration!

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Metal Fusion Finish for Custom Kitchen Range Hoods  Metal Fusion Finish for Corbels   Metal Fusion Finished Cabinet Columns by Kountry Kraft 






With many solid metal characteristics this metalized application is available in eight metals and three finishes.


  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • White gold
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Iron
  • Nickel silver
  • Stainless steel


  • Satin Patina
  • Polished
  • Polished Patina
Brass Metal Fusion Finish
Bronze Metal Fusion Finish
Copper Metal Fusion Finish
White Gold Metal Fusion Finish
White Gold
Iron Metal Fusion Finish
Nickel Silver Metal Fusion Finish
Nickel Silver
Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Fusion Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Stainless Steel Metal Fusion Finish
Stainless Steel

























Metal Fusion finishes will react to the environment, just as solid metal does, and will naturally patina overtime, thus enhancing the beauty of the piece. To clean the metal finishes, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Click here for our Basic Care Tips. Please note Metal Fusion is not available on Styrofoam or Silicone.

Metal Fusion Banded Range Hood by Kountry Kraft
Metal Fusion Banded Range Hood by Kountry Kraft Designer: Justin Sachs Company: Stonington Cabinetry & Designs Job Number: J101387
Metal Fusion Banded Range Hood by Kountry Kraft
Metal Fusion Banded Range Hood by Kountry Kraft Designer: April Spagnolo Company: Evalia Design, LLC Job Number: P105379
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