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  • Small Kitchen Storage Ideas | Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

    One of the only downsides of a small kitchen is the limitation for storage space. With Kountry Kraft custom cabinetry, you can create many different and unique storage areas. From pottery and glassware to miscellaneous items you don’t want exposed, we offer many different small kitchen storage ideas. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Storage areas can […]

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  • Mixing Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Finishes

    Mixing kitchen cabinet styles and finishes is common in today’s home. Many people are hesitant when it comes to redoing their cabinetry because of it not matching the rest of the house. Many believe that if they redo their cabinets in one room, they must redo them everywhere. This isn’t necessarily true. A house has […]

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  • Outdoor Kitchen Recipes – Kountry Kraft

    Summer Recipes Beat the heat this summer with these delicious outdoor kitchen recipes. These meals are perfect for eating al fresco or in the comfort of your kitchen. Sheet Pan Chili Lime Salmon This recipe by Cafe Delites puts a flavorful twist on classic salmon recipes. The perfect combination of spice and citrus, this dish […]

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  • Kountry Kraft DIY Summer Snacks

    DIY summer snacks are a great way to gather the family and enjoy the nice weather on your outdoor patio. Our CFO, Dee Hurst-Funk, has a personal favorite recipe she wanted to share with all of you. DIY Summer Snacks – Crabmeat Dip Crabmeat dip is the perfect snack for almost any type of weather. […]

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