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  • Kitchen Desk Cabinets

    Kitchens are the center of activity in the home – from cooking dinner to paying bills to sorting mail and more. Integrating kitchen desk cabinets into your design creates a centralized place for all of these activities. Getting your storage just right can help you stay on top of your busy schedule, as it can […]

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  • Dining Room Storage Cabinets

    With custom cabinetry, dining room storage cabinets don’t have to look like typical storage spaces. They can take the form of anything, from hutches to built-in banquette seating, sideboards to buffets, servers to bars and so much more. Incorporating special accessories into dining room storage cabinets can increase the functionality and make them perfect for […]

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  • Navy Colored Cabinets

    According to Jennifer Ott of Houzz, the new ‘it’ color for kitchens is navy, and we couldn’t agree more. Navy Colored Cabinets are like dark denim jeans — dark denim blue never really goes out of style. In fact, after white, wood and gray, blue is often the top color that homeowners choose for their […]

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  • Kountry Kraft Logo Throughout the Years

    As our company, quality and selections evolved over time, so did our Kountry Kraft logo. In order to keep current, our brand was reflected in various logo styles throughout the years. Kountry Kraft Logo Throughout the Years Kountry Kraft was launched 60 years ago in April of 1959. What you may not have known was […]

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