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  • Dave Riebe, new president Proactively Preserving the Kountry Kraft Legacy

    Proactively Preserving the Kountry Kraft Legacy

    Dee Hurst-Funk, CFO, and Elvin Jr. Hurst, CEO, of Kountry Kraft, are proactively preserving the Kountry Kraft legacy by welcoming Dave Riebe as President. In his role as President, Dave will preserve the longevity of Kountry Kraft by running the company on a daily basis under the guidance of Dee and Elvin Jr. Dave has […]

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  • Designing some kitchens with inset no bead cabinets.

    Kitchen Designs with Inset No Bead Cabinets

    We’ve recently had the good fortune of creating some kitchen designs with Inset No Bead Cabinets and we’re so obsessed with the results, we just had to share. Hopefully, you’ll be as inspired by these designs as we are. Let’s break down this cabinet style to discover if it’s right for you. Design by AMS Kitchens  | Allie […]

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  • Introducing the Kountry Kraft Color Studio

    When I made a case for green kitchen cabinets this past September, I recommended displaying large paint swatches against your existing cabinets to help you select the perfect shade. And while that was good advice at the time, now there’s an even easier option. Allow me to introduce you to the new Kountry Kraft Color […]

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  • Custom Double Vanity Design Features

    Double Vanity Design Features

    Would you like to transform your master bathroom into a whole new space with a brand-new aesthetic? A custom double vanity might be just the thing you’re looking for. Let’s explore some custom double vanity design features so you can get a sense of what’s right for you.  Size Matters  Especially in design. Proportions need […]

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