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  • Custom Pantry Ideas

    While the kitchen is the heart of the home, the pantry is the storehouse of the kitchen. Pantries are the backbone to the preparation of any meal and gives ingredients a place to live. Like all hardworking spaces, it can be challenging to keep your pantry organized, especially while spending more time at home. However, […]

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  • Kitchen Office Spaces

    Kitchen office spaces are rising in popularity, as the number of those working from home has increased this year. Some homes do not have space to support a full separate office, however there may be room within your kitchen for a dedicated workspace. Some parents may want to be able to get work done, while […]

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  • Kountry Kraft Adds New Options for Bigger Panels to its Custom Cabinetry Offerings

    As the growing demand for taller cabinetry increases, Kountry Kraft adds new options for bigger panels to its custom cabinetry offerings with the installation of a new CNC Point-to-Point Router and a Case Clamp from Stiles Machinery. As the industry’s leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions, Stiles has been helping manufacturers nationwide increase their efficiency […]

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  • Designs with Black Cabinets

    If there was one design trend that defined the past decade, it was the all-white kitchen. The look is timeless, cohesive, and clean, and has a miraculous way of making even the tiniest kitchen look airy and spacious. But the new decade brings with new trends, and designers say there’s a new color in the […]

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