Environmental Stewardship by Kountry Kraft with Green Custom Cabinetry

Environmental Stewardship
Kountry Kraft has made a commitment to environmentally safe practices throughout our organization in the following ways:

All our stains contain the lowest VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) in the industry today.

Kountry Kraft offers a formaldehyde-free acrylic polyurethane finish which does not yellow, is more durable, has less cracking, and is water resistant. This finish enhances the quality of traditional cabinet finishes.

Kountry Kraft offers a waterborne finish. This finish does not sacrifice the quality of traditional cabinet finishes and has no added formaldehyde.

Plywood and all other materials used by Kountry Kraft are Carb II compliant.

Kountry Kraft’s recycling program encompasses wood, cardboard, metal and finishing product waste.

All scrap wood is burned and used to heat the manufacturing facility and finishing’s drying ovens.

Cardboard is used for packaging product to be shipped via UPS and Fed Ex. Thus reducing the cost of packaging materials. To further reduce our burden on the landfills, cardboard which is not used for packaging, along with scrap metal are taken to a local recycling facility.

Our distilling program recycles our finishing by-products by removing the lacquer thinner (liquid). It is then used to clean spray guns, hoses, and other finishing devices. The remaining by product (solid) is sent to a facility that uses it for production.

We have reduced our electric usage by analyzing our practices in conjunction with our electric supply company.

KCMA Environmental Stewardship Certified Cabinetry

KCMA Certification2018 Environmental Stewardship Program Kountry Kraft Certificate

Kountry Kraft received KCMA Certification in June 2007. Manufacturers must demonstrate compliance with stringent criteria to be awarded ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) certification. This rigorous process helps guarantee that everyone is doing their part to provide sustainable green cabinetry products. See our KCMA brochure for more details on this program.

Community Involvement

Kountry Kraft’s heritage includes a commitment to the local community as well as reaching beyond local organizations to provide help and hope to families far and wide.

Annually Kountry Kraft gives contributions to more than four dozen organizations; ranging from fire companies, libraries and churches in the local communities; to organizations that provide help and assistance to those in need on the local level as well as on the national level. Those organizations include American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, United Way and others; providing help and research for a better tomorrow.

Working with Mennonite Disaster Services, time, labor, and cabinetry have been donated to assist with the relief efforts in southern states from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Consequently, one of the outcomes of owning and operating a successful family business is the great opportunities it has given us to help others.

On Arbor Day 2015 Kountry Kraft began what may become a yearly tradition by planting a young Norway Spruce tree where one of many beautiful trees once stood in the small town of Newmanstown. Click here to learn more.

Preserving our Heritage
Kountry Kraft is proud of its heritage and the founding of a custom cabinet manufacturer in rural, south-central Pennsylvania. Since 1959 Kountry Kraft has produced custom cabinetry. Everyday we continue to strive for excellence in the product we produce, as well as our commitment to customer service on the highest level.

Going beyond the basics, our environmental stewardship commitment extends to protecting the environment and caring about our communities both locally and beyond.

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