Wood Species

Custom Cabinet Wood Types

Kountry Kraft offers a variety of custom cabinet wood types to choose from, making every custom cabinetry order truly unique.  Every type of wood has it’s own unique set of characteristics, and when coupled with finishes and door styles, can truly make your custom cabinets an expression of your personal style.  The beauty of natural wood is in its variation of color and grain. Every piece is unique and the individual characteristics are not to be misconstrued as defects.

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Kountry Kraft offers the following custom cabinet wood types:

red oakRed Oak has a very strong open grain pattern that varies from straight to wild patterns. Color will vary from light to medium brown, often with a reddish cast. Some pin burls, dark mineral streaks, and/or white sapwood may occur, especially in machined areas

knotty pineDistressed Knotty Pine is a rustic moderately soft closed grain wood that is yellowish creamy white in color and is accented with knots. Some red or black knots, split knots and possible mineral streaks enhance the rustic beauty of this wood.
cherryCherry is an attractive closed grain wood that is reddish in color. Sapwood can be light brown to white and may show up most often on machined areas of doors. Dark mineral streaks and pin burls are normal characteristics of the beautiful wood.
rustic cherryRustic Cherry has the same characteristics as cherry but has more sapwood (whitewood), more mineral streaks and pin burls, and has varying sized knots. It is available on solid wood door styles only.

hard mapleHard Maple is off white to light brown in color. Moderately matched blending color and grain. Allows curly grain, sugar streaks, and occasional mineral and pin knots.

hickoryHickory is a beautiful open grained rustic hardwood. The array of colors will vary from a near white, to light brown, to dark brown. It may have pecks, burls, and mineral streaks.
white oakQuarter Sawn White Oak is pale brown to dark brown in color with a greenish gray tinge. The grain is very straight with a relatively porous open texture. Distinctive ray and fleck patterns may also be present.
walnutWalnut is a closed grain wood commonly known as American Black walnut. Color will vary from off white, to light grey-brown, to deep rich chocolate brown. Streaky color, curly grain, mineral streaks, and pin knots are to be expected.
alderAlder is a relatively soft hardwood with fairly straight grain. Porous end grain on panel raises and edges is to be expected. It is a light brown color with a yellow or reddish tinge.
rustic alderRustic Alder has the same characteristics as alder but has knots of all sizes and types. Knots will commonly have cracks and/or holes. It is available on solid wood door styles only.
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