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Address: 5824 Mount Vernon Drive
City: Alexandria
State: VA
Zip: 22303
Phone: 571-344-0763
Fax: 703-960-8458

About Brian J McGarry Interiors in Alexandria Virginia

A great deal of residential remodeling has taken place in Northern Virginia. The majority of renovations done have followed the model of the contractor working with partners. With this model, your contractor is responsible for installation. For instance, you find yourself setting up appointments with different vendors for cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile, plumbing, and lighting. You also spend several days traveling to the different suppliers where you meet with representatives that don’t really understand your needs. Eventually, you discover that no one who understands design and function is overseeing your total project.

To prevent your dissatisfaction with your project, rely on Brian J McGarry Interiors. Because they use spatial vision, experience, and thorough product knowledge, their team provides design solutions for even the most difficult makeovers. They are with you throughout the selection process; you are never on your own.

About Brian McGarry

Owner Brian McGarry of Brian J McGarry Interiors Alexandria Virginia has been in the interior design business for more than 35 years. Over that time, he has managed retail stores and wholesale showrooms. Additionally, he has represented and promoted international manufacturers as well as local entrepreneurs. His experience with and knowledge of new furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, reupholstery, and painting showed him the possibilities available for both renovation and decoration. Brian’s real passion is kitchen and bath design. Take advantage of his experience for your own redesign projects.

Brian and his wife live in a 16-foot-wide duplex home in Alexandria, Virginia. They enjoy the close-in living and all of the sophisticated choices available in urban life. Every day, they weave their lives around a limited square footage home surrounded by Washington, DC. They also manage to have room for all of their interests and run two businesses out of their small home. This is because they have become masters of space-saving ideas and methodology. These design ideas are adaptable to any limited footage space as well as add to livability in larger rooms. Above all, let their inspirations and solutions help in your makeover.

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