Dealer Information

Address: 60 Kennedy Avenue
City: Ogdensburg
State: NJ
Zip: 07439
Phone: 973-864-2084

About Lazarus & Williamson Ogdensburg

Found in 2000, Lazarus and Williamson LLC in Ogdensburg, New Jersey is a resource for custom-designed furniture and wood products. They are faithful to providing prompt, reliable services that meet the needs of clients.

Alan Lazarus and Jerry Williamson set up Lazarus and Williamson LLC in Ogdensburg, New Jersey confident that distinctive, properly engineered wood products could be economically produced next to the waterfalls of Paterson, New Jersey. They take pride in offering their five decades of successful design and fabrication management experience and commit to upholding the highest level of social, ethical, and industry standards.

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All in all the kitchen should be a space that provides for creativity, vitality, and entertainment. Since all cabinetry is custom-built, they can make the most efficient use of your space. Also, with a professional Chef as a member of their design team, they understand the form and function of every kitchen. Above all, their experience in design, fabrication, materials, and finishes offers every client a wide range of unique solutions.

Additionally, cabinet construction and materials can be a mystery. To provide each client with as much information as possible, Lazarus & Williamson creates precise mechanical drawings, with specified materials, construction methods, and finishes. Sheet goods are very stable and are cost-effective in terms of quality and production. They use plywood in all areas where moisture could be a problem when warping might be an issue. European hinges provide an appearance with quick release and adjustments.

Bathrooms have become showpieces with multiple choices in fixtures and vanities and a wide range of designs and colors. Mirrors, rare woods, and stones all have become important in the design planning process. They are also often very affordable when remodeling or in new construction. Traditional woods such as cherry, oak, maple, mahogany along with exotic woods and veneers are available in these one-of-a-kind signature pieces.

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