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Address: By Appointment Only
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Zip: 11219
Phone: 718-669-0516

About WERKI by D, LLC in Brooklyn New York

WERKI by D, LLC in Brooklyn New York is a kitchen design studio, founded by Devorah Werner. Her love for timeless kitchens has inspired Devorah to create a unique kitchen design process for their clients. Overall, they are a team of designers that work with all parties in the industry to execute your project in a timely manner and within your budget. Werki by D specializes in full-service, high-end kitchen design, supported by an in-house dealer and an installer to streamline the kitchen process from the first design phase through full kitchen functionality. As a result, this ensures that your kitchen is attentively cared for from beginning to end.

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Above all, Werki by D focuses on unique identity and clarity. First, all projects begin with an exchange of ideas between client and designer. Then, the client’s program and desires, along with the context of the site, are used to create a conceptual design within your budget. They combine elegance with a disciplined application, as well as attentive designer-client collaboration. WERKI by D, LLC in Brooklyn New York also brings a distinctive voice to each project.

  • Discovery

  • Conceptual Design 

  • Floor Plans & Organization 

  • Draft & Quotation 

  • Agreement & Acknowledgment 

  • Production

  • Transportation

  • Delivery & Installation 

  • Punch list completion

Designing a dream kitchen requires technical expertise and a sense of beauty. They also reflect this in custom cabinetry, finishes, materials, and appliances. One of the first stages of the process at WERKI by D, LLC in Brooklyn New York is to help the client see their new kitchen. Their designers also translate the design into plans that accurately show your devices and manage material specifications, finishes, and other details. Additionally, their kitchen designers are equipped to answer questions based on their in-depth knowledge of materials. This expertise also applies when choosing materials for floors, baseboards, and cabinet fronts. Above all, the team always takes appearance and durability into account. Professional equipment, much like ingredients, also must be of the highest quality and add something to the dish. With the added aesthetic, their designers are there to work with your appliance professional to find equipment that performs exceptionally.

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Kountry Kraft Brenda Anderson May 4, 2022