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For over half a century, the Hurst family-owned business has evolved into one of the leading custom kitchen and custom cabinet manufacturers in the country by staying the course of four guiding principles: craft the highest quality, custom product; deliver it on schedule; price it fairly; and be honest, genuine and friendly. We pledge that Kountry Kraft and its dedicated dealers across the country will continue our legacy of superior craftsmanship and excellent service.

Beautiful Custom Cabinetry from Kountry Kraft
For more than fifty-five years, the Hurst family-owned business of Kountry Kraft custom cabinets has been one of the leading manufacturers of custom cabinetry in Pennsylvania and one of the leading sources for custom kitchen cabinet designs in the nation.

We have consistently operated on four simple but very important principles. First, that all products produced should be the most custom, highest quality product possible. Second, that the product should be delivered on schedule. Third, that custom cabinet pricing should be fair. Fourth, and perhaps most important, to be honest, genuine, and friendly.

By keeping to these principles, Kountry Kraft has managed to stay a strong business for over half a century. Our business is not solely about making money; it is about you, the customer. We want to do everything we can to fulfill your specific needs and make your home more comfortable, more beautiful, and easier for you to live in day-to-day.

Let us help you create a custom kitchen or living room with cabinet designs that are not only more beautiful, but also more customized to your specific needs. A Kountry Kraft designer will help you create a kitchen, wet bar, or living room plan by looking at both your lifestyle and any individual needs you might have. The designer will then take this unique plan, analyze your lifestyle and needs and develop highly efficient storage units, drawers and cabinets specifically for you.

Not only will these storage spaces perfectly match your every need, our designers will make sure they look excellent in your home as well. Your personal designer will lead you through picking cabinet designs that create unity through your home and help you maintain your own sense of style.

Kountry Kraft pledges not only to craft high-quality custom cabinets, but to treat our customers respectfully and honestly. We have a legacy of excellent service that we hope to continue for another fifty years.