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Thomas R. Kelly of the TRK Design Company designed a custom Decorators White Double Vanity for a master bathroom located in Venice, Florida. Double vanities are a necessity for personal space and overall bathroom functionality when shared among two people. Each individual has a total of three drawers and a larger compartment for their personal belongings. The middle of the vanity holds two large drawers for sharing. An efficient amount of storage space keeps the counters clutter-free. This bathroom vanity enables the homeowners to peacefully prepare for each day and unwind every night.

Decorators White Double Vanity for a Master Bath in Venice, FL
Coastal Home Photography

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Agate Cabinets designed by Tyler Hurst of Kountry Kraft, Inc. for a Pool Bathroom in Naples, Florida.

The vanity cabinets were custom painted to match Benjamin Moore #1591 Sterling. Capturing the subtle sheen of antique sterling flatware or a family’s heirloom tea service, this light gray captures the rich history of prior generations. It also complements the neutral tones in the blue agate geode wall paper behind the vanity.

Blue agate geode slices were selected for the vanity hardware. Blue agate has a soothing energy that encourages energy, is calming and provides harmony and balance. Perfect for poolside, all of the elements in this bathroom create a spa-like feel.

Agate Cabinets in Naples, Florida for a Spa-Like Pool Bathroom

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Decorators White bathroom cabinets create a double vanity designed by Thomas R. Kelly of the TRK Design Company for a home located in Winchester, Massachusetts. The master bathroom features cabinetry crafted with a CRP10161 Hybrid door style and 3001 cabinet style. The cabinetry is made from Hard Maple and finished in Decorators White 45° Benjamin Moore paint color. A makeup station was designed to match the double vanity, while providing a seat to enjoy the beautiful view outside of the home. Also crafted for this bathroom was a built-in window bench with cabinet drawers underneath to allow for additional storage.

Decorators White Bathroom Cabinets for a double vanity and makeup station in Winchester, Massachusetts

Built-in window bench custom painted Decorators White to match the vanity in a master bath located in Winchster, Massachusetts,

Master bath in Winchester, Massachusetts features a white bath tub with white open shelves and white trim and molding

Decorators White Tall Bathroom Cabinet for towels and personal items in Winchester, Massachusetts

Walk-In Shower with white tile walls and silver fixtures in Winchester, Massachusetts

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Stonington Cabinetry & Designs designed this stunning master bath in Chatham, New Jersey to include a Rift Cut White Oak Vanity. To enhance the wood grain, the vanity is finished with Natural 25° stain. Stonington Cabinetry & Designs designed 3/4 inches thick Inset/No Bead doors and drawers crafted in CRP10 style. This floating vanity design exudes charm, adding warmth to the otherwise mostly white space. The linearity and rectangular forms of this floating vanity design exhibit minimalism, saluting clean and contemporary style. The floating vanity saves space, while open storage keeps bath essentials easily accessible.

Custom Crafted Rift Cut White Oak Vanity for a master bathroom in Chatham, New Jersey

Photography by Chris Veith

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White Bathroom Cabinetry custom crafted and designed by Shawn Preis of Kountry Kraft, Inc. for a home in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Creating a beautiful double vanity, this bathroom cabinetry features plenty of easily accessed storage space. The cabinet doors and drawers are complete with Schaub & Company 711-26 knobs and hardware. The mirror frames were custom crafted to match the cabinets and tie the separate pieces together to create a holistic feel.

White Bathroom Cabinetry Double Vanity includes two undermount sinks in Berwyn, Pennsylvania

White Cabinetry for a Master Bath Double Vanity located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania

A tall storage cabinet was crafted to fit perfectly between the wall and the end of the vanity.

White Double Vanity Cabinetry for a Master Bath located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania

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Harbor Gray Vanity Cabinets for a master bath located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania designed by Shawn Preis of Kountry Kraft, Inc. Painted to match Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Gray color, also known as Silver Chain 1472, the cabinets accent the walls of various shades of gray. Harbor Gray is part of the America’s Colors collection of soft neutrals featuring a snapshot in color of America’s most popular, well-traveled regions. The vanity cabinets run the length of one bathroom wall, providing an abundant amount of storage space. The silver cabinetry hardware matches the fixtures used throughout the bathroom for the mirror, shower, sink and tub.

Harbor Gray Vanity Cabinets for a master bathroom located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Photography by Jay Greene Photography

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With bathroom cabinets featuring pebble accents and open storagethis bathroom aims to be aesthetically pleasing while also providing space for your toiletry essentials.  The pebble themed backsplash and touch latch pebble draws accentuate the oceanic color scheme to induce a relaxing sense of the beach.

Close up of open bathroom cabinets Myerstown, PA

Above you can see the open storage units perfect for storing towels or other toiletry essentials.

Glass shower with view of shower bench Myerstown, PA

Here you can see the spacious glass shower complete with a bench and railing to ensure any age can enjoy this wonderful bathroom and shower.

Glass shower and bathroom cabinets Myerstown, PA

Here you can see the cabinetry and closed storage underneath the sink which provides functionality to add to the visually stunning pebble accented cabinetry.

Bathroom cabinets with pull out trash bin Myerstown, PA

Open sink drawer with compartment tray for storing small bathroom items Myerstown, PA

Open sink drawer with hygiene products inside Myerstown, PA

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A Contemporary Bathroom in Norcross, Georgia designed by Burns Century Interiors. This bathroom features a white freestanding bathtub in the middle of the room. There is a shower contained within the wall covered in matchstick tile seen behind the bathtub. The wall across from the shower has an indent which is dedicated to hanging towels. Located near the door, there is a vanity which features a large mirror which fills in the whole section from one wall to the other, and to the ceiling as well. There are two vessel sinks on the counter located across from the vanity on the other side of the bathroom.

View of door and vanity of a contemporary bathroom Norcross, GA

This door features fogged glass to let light in and also allow plenty of privacy.

Contemporary bathroom with vessel sinks Norcross, GA

Contemporary bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and vessel sinks Norcross, GA

Shower in a contemporary bathroom Norcross, GA

Contemporary bathroom with a freestanding bathtub in front of a matchstick wall Norcross, GA

This bathroom was featured in Trends Bathroom Magazine “Puttin’ on the Ritz” Copyright 2012 Jan Stittleburg, JS PhotoFX & Burns Century Interiors.

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Custom Bathroom Vanity Cabinets designed by April Spagnolo of Evalia Designs, LLC. for an elegantly styled bathroom in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Exhibiting beautiful architecture, these vanity cabinets feature an arced front and detailed doors. A custom finish was chosen for these bathroom vanity cabinets crafted in inset/no bead style. This vanity is complete with diamond knobs and a white countertop with gray and brown veining.

Also custom designed for this bathroom was a recessed medicine cabinet. Cleverly disguised as a picture frame, this medicine cabinet is painted in Decorations White 25°.

Sink, mirror and Alder wood bathroom vanity cabinets Pittsburgh, PA

Sink and close up of Alder wood bathroom vanity cabinets Pittsburgh, PA

Close up of bathroom sink over Alder wood cabinets Pittsburgh, PA

A white countertop with gray and brown veining matches the vanity cabinets perfectly and features an overmount sink.

Bathroom sink, mirror and closed picture frame cabinet Pittsburgh, PA

A medicine cabinet is recessed into the wall and cleverly disguised as a picture frame.

Bathroom sink, mirror and open picture frame cabinet Pittsburgh, PA

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This stunning White Bathroom Vanity was designed by Shawn Preis of Kountry Kraft, Inc. for a master bath in Devon, Pennsylvania. Lending an air of sophistication, this vanity combines elegance with efficiency. To add charm and also exhibit a furniture-style appeal, the cabinet doors and drawers feature Top Knobs TK390PN knobs.

Light neutral colors are used throughout this design to visually expand the space, while also providing a spa-like atmosphere. The true focal point of the design is the free standing bathtub, a beautiful fixture that also functions as an astonishing sculptural element.

White bathroom vanity along with shower and tub Devon, PA

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