Month: May 2017

Some cabinet manufacturers do not have the right answers when it comes to telling you the best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets. Kitchens are the most popular room in the house, and we all know what that means – they get messy fast. Whether you are dealing with fingerprints, nooks and crannies or greasy spots, we have the answers for you. Below you will find recommended cleaning products for kitchen wood cabinets!

Method Cleaning Products

method is the best way to clean your wood kitchen cabinets because its products are safe and affordabledish soap can be the best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets because it is safe and gentle on your cabinets  the best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets is method cleaning products because they are natural

There are many ammonia-free products on the market today, but they may not all get the job done. Method is the type of cleaning product you don’t need to hide under the sink. This product is ammonia-free, pet-friendly and earth-friendly. They offer many diverse products and you can use a variety of them to clean your kitchen cabinets. Its starts as simple as dish soap and water – use this combination to clean the grease spots, finger prints and scuffs off your cabinetry. Use a tooth brush with some dish soap to scrub at the nooks and crannies of your cabinetry. Method all-purpose cleaner as well as Method Daily Kitchen products are the perfect solution to wiping down the dirt and grease off your cabinets. Don’t clean your cabinets with dirty chemicals, clean them with natural, fresh products.

The Best Glass Cleaner

glass cleaner can be used to clean windows as well as wood kitchen cabinets because it is amonia free

People think natural cleaning products are expensive but there are affordable, ammonia-free cleaning products available. This glass cleaner is an ammonia-free, foaming cleaner that you can use on windows, mirrors and other glass and plastic surfaces. The best glass cleaner can be purchased for less than $3.00 a can from local shopping centers like Target or Walmart. You can wipe down your metal hardware and chrome hardware with this glass cleaner as well. Leave your kitchen streak free and shining with this ammonia-free glass cleaner!

Cleaning with White Vinegar

cleaning with white vinegar is safe and inexpensive and can be the best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets

Not only do we recommend natural cleaning products, but also inexpensive cleaning products. White Vinegar mixed with water can be a natural substitute for an all-purpose kitchen cleaner. Use this mixture to clean scuffs, grease marks or fingerprints off your cabinets – safe and affordable!

Families with children as well as homeowners who have guests over often know what it is like cleaning up after a crowd. Knowing the best way to clean wood kitchen cabinets will keep your space safe and clean. Keep up with our latest news and events by liking us on Facebook and keep up with our latest designs on our Houzz page.

Kitchen cabinet hardware ideas can help complete the look of your space. Whether you want unique or subtle cabinet hardware, Kountry Kraft offers a variety of cabinet hardware to match your personal taste.

Cabinet Hardware Ideas – Cliffside

Cliffside Industries offers two flagship hardware lines: solid brass and Cliffside Choice zinc. Many popular items and finishes are duplicated in both materials to allow a selection of price level. Traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles are available in up to eight finishes in zinc and ten in solid brass. The distinctions between the two products are a mild change in density and different manufacturing processes.

For marine climates (beachfront homes, etc.), Cliffside recommends solid brass or stainless steel materials. For all other locations, either product material should be sufficient if the product care instructions are followed. Cliffside’s brass and zinc hardware lines are finished to the same exacting standards and are designed to coordinate with our hinge line; however, minute variations in finish shading may occur between materials due to the color of the underlying metal (brass material is a gold color, while zinc is white). As always, antique finishes will vary from lot to lot regardless of material but remain within an acceptable range.

Top 10 Popular Hardware Finishes

These are the top 10 popular hardware finishes from Cliffside’s signature lines. Choose which color you like the most, and we will incorporate it into your custom cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinet hardware ideas will add a personal touch to your Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

Visit the cliffside website to choose the cabinet hardware that will add a personal touch to your Kountry Kraft cabinets. Browse our accessories page to see how you can incorporate organization into your cabinets as well.