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light and dark kitchen cabinet design


Congratulations to Martha Gargano of A Matter of Style (AMS Kitchens & Interiors) for having several Kountry Kraft Kitchens featured in Design + Decor Magazine! In honor of her achievement, here’s a look at Martha and what makes each of these Kountry Kraft Kitchens so newsworthy. 

Painted kitchen island design features soft white inset cabinets offset by large dark island.

Prattling Pond Design by A Matter of Style


Prattling Pond Kitchen Design

This painted kitchen island design features soft white inset cabinets that are offset by a large dark island. Custom panels were built to conceal the fridge and match the surrounding cabinetry. The kitchen feels open and airy with a clean white backsplash and an abundance of natural light from all of the windows. Finally, lustrous gold hardware and fixtures were chosen to shine in the sunlight and accentuate the subtle warm veining of the stone countertops. 

Tamarack Kitchen Design by A Matter of Style with monochromatic color palette

Tamarack Kitchen Design by A Matter of Style


Tamarack Kitchen Design

This timeless white kitchen is a masterclass of incorporating different materials and details to create visual interest in a (mostly) monochromatic color palette. All of the main design elements—cabinets, countertop, and backsplash—are white. And yet, all of the detailing combined with the mix of textures that reflect light differently prevents the space from feeling like a wall of white. The two small pops of color—brass hardware/fixtures and walnut accent countertops—add just the right amount of warmth and sophistication to the design. 

light and dark kitchen cabinet design

Jennifer Drive Kitchen Design by A Matter of Style


Jennifer Drive Kitchen Design

This light and dark kitchen cabinet design represents a perfect marriage of modern amenities and classic charm. The soft white of the perimeter cabinets beautifully complements the soft natural light from the arched window, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. In contrast, the large dark-stained island—complete with stunning craftsman details—grounds the design and serves as a stunning focal point. Time-honored elements like the inset cabinet construction, glass front display doors, and touches of ornamental woodwork ensure that this culinary haven will remain in style for decades to come.  


Martha Gargano of A Matter of Style

About Martha & A Matter of Style

Martha is the award-winning lead designer of A Matter of Style, a high-end interior design company located in Cheshire, CT. Both Martha and the company handle a wide array of projects ranging from new construction to renovation. Visit their website to learn more about their design services.


Kountry Kraft Kitchens

Kountry Kraft is routinely blown away by the designs our partners create with our cabinetry. Congratulations to Martha and A Matter of Style on being featured in Design + Decor’s July issue, Amazing Transformations!


If you’d like your own Kountry Kraft kitchen, please contact one of our experts to get started. We will be here for you every step of the way!


Discover Your Dream Kitchen in Avalon, New Jersey

Welcome to your dream kitchen in beautiful Avalon, New Jersey. Seamlessly blending tradition and modernity, this masterpiece epitomizes the very essence of a transitional kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this space the epitome of comfort and luxury.

Wood Beams and Countertop: A Touch of Tradition

One of the first elements that catch your eye is the architectural detail of wooden beam mirrored in the shelving and range hood trim. These rustic touches add warmth and character, making the space inviting for both cooking and socializing. Complementing the wood beams is a stunning wood countertop that marries function and aesthetic in one beautiful sweep.


Appliances: The Pinnacle of Modernity

For those who are passionate about cooking, the kitchen is equipped with a state-of-the-art LG Professional Range that provides an array of customizable options. This culinary powerhouse is perfectly complemented by an equally efficient LG Dishwasher, ensuring that clean-up is as effortless as the cooking process itself.

Flooring: A Class Apart

The luxurious wood flooring from Sea Shore Floors lends another layer of sophistication to this already stunning kitchen. The premium wood chosen for the flooring is not just beautiful to look at but is also designed for durability, standing up to the high traffic that is often a hallmark of the heart of the home.

Lighting and Color: Atmosphere Defined

To illuminate this delightful culinary paradise, special attention has been paid to the lighting by incorporating fixtures from Andrew Johnson Lighting. Each piece has been carefully selected to bring out the various textures and colors in the room. Speaking of colors, the walls are adorned with Sherwin Williams paint in the serene shade of Samovar Silver, which adds an open and airy feel. This aesthetic was continued into the bedroom with a custom closet featuring wood floating shelves. 

a picture of a bedroom with custom closet and shelving by Kountry Kraft Custom Cabinetry


In essence, this Avalon-based kitchen brings together the best of both worlds, creating a space that is both functional and beautiful. Whether it’s a casual dinner or a festive gathering, this kitchen is designed to meet all your needs.

Check out our color studio to find the perfect paint color combination for your kitchen.


This timeless white kitchen in New England by Martha Gargano of A Matter of Style is truly a dream. Here are all of the features that make this design so special!

White paint and cabinetry

Photographed by Allie Fackler Photography


Timeless White Kitchen Cabinets

The beautiful inset cabinets by Kountry Kraft are the foundation for this timeless white kitchen in New England. The inset construction method was widely used throughout the Victorian Era and requires skilled-craftsmanship from the cabinet maker. Pair this timeless style with classic white Benjamin Moore paint and you get this stunning result that sets the tone for the rest of the design.

White Kitchen Cabinets New England

Photographed by Allie Fackler Photography


Continuing the White Theme

These New England homeowners wanted their kitchen to feel clean and light, as if they were taking a breath of fresh air every time they entered the space. Cue white countertops and a white backsplash. The main countertops are white marble with a hint of soft veining. Meanwhile, the backsplash consists of two different white tiles—simple subway tile as the main choice with arabesque detailing over the range and bar.

marble and walnut countertops

Photographed by Allie Fackler Photography


Touches of Warmth

This timeless white kitchen in New England incorporates two touches of color and warmth. The first touch is all of the brass elements: the lantern-esque lighting above the island, the sink faucets, and the cabinet hardware from Schaub. The second touch is the walnut accent countertops used for the bar and end of the island. Both of these details add just the right amount of warmth and character to the otherwise white color palette. Plus, the richness of the materials adds to the sense of sophistication and luxury given by the finely-crafted cabinets.

glass front cabinets

Photographed by Allie Fackler Photography


Details Matter

Working with an almost all-white color palette isn’t as easy as you might think. Without the contrasts of color, visual interest needs to be created in the design through other methods.

Beyond the two-tiled backsplash and touches of warmth, there are a number of other details that play a crucial part in creating this timeless white kitchen. Take note of the ornate hood, molding around the ceiling, the waterfall edge of the marble countertops, and the decorative cabinets above the bar. All of these details give the kitchen a sense of character and make it truly special.


Create Your Own Timeless White Kitchen

Whether you want to create your own timeless white kitchen in New England or anywhere else, our dedicated experts are here to help! Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you and contact us to get started!

These gray island cabinets in Pawleys Island, SC provide both contrast and cohesion in this timeless design by Prodigy Kitchens & Bath. Keep reading to learn how the design team used the gray island cabinets to tie the entire design together. blue kitchen cabinets

 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

The refined palette of Benjamin Moore paint colors in this Pawleys Island, SC kitchen creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance. The perimeter cabinets feature Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65, a classic white that evokes visions of fresh cotton and pure silk. In contrast, the gray island cabinets are finished with Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray HC-162, a blue-gray shade that recalls storied stone buildings. These time-honored colors paired with the beautiful wood elements combine to create one overwhelming feeling when you enter the space—home.

Gray Island Cabinets & Matching Wet Bar

When the homeowners requested a built-in wet bar across from the kitchen, Prodigy Kitchens & Baths knew it posed the perfect opportunity to tie both spaces together. The bar was constructed using the same style of custom cabinetry featured in the kitchen, complete with the same custom molding. From there, it was an obvious choice to match the paint color to the Brewster Gray island cabinets. Finally, glass doors were installed on the upper cabinets to reflect the glass display doors in the kitchen.

Hidden Elements

Not everything is as it seems in this Pawleys Island, SC kitchen. The refrigerator and door to the walk-in pantry are both disguised by custom panels, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the surrounding cabinetry. These two hidden elements create a clean look along that wall and allow the beauty of the custom cabinets to shine. (Plus, the hidden door is bringing all of my old-mansion, secret room dreams to life!)

kitchen with fireplace in foreground

Love this Kitchen?

If this Gray Island Cabinets in Pawleys Island, SC design has given you any ideas, don’t be shy! Contact one of our design experts today to learn how we can turn those ideas into a reality!

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Farmhouse Kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ by Wydian Kitchens & Design

This country farmhouse kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ by Wydian Kitchens & Design is the perfect blend of modern convenience and old-world charm. Here are the design elements that make this kitchen so special:

platinum range in country farmhouse kitchen
Photography by Designer Appliances

Show Stopping Stove Alcove

In many centuries-old homes, the kitchen will feature a large fireplace that the family used for cooking. It’s become very popular in Europe—where it’s common to find homes of this age—to repurpose this space as an alcove for the more modern stove. Doing so not only honors the history of the home, but also makes functional an otherwise wasted space. Plus, it’s very pretty.  While this farmhouse kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ may not date back to the 1700s, building this alcove for the stove—complete with the rustic lintel beam—was key to creating a sense of old-world charm. Such a focal point required something special, so a beautiful 36″ Platinum Series Range that produces restaurant-quality results was chosen as the star of the show. The classic black and white tile backsplash serves as the perfect link between the old-world alcove and modern range.

Photography by Designer Appliances

Natural Materials

Farmhouse kitchens are known for incorporating various natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. This Bernardsville, NJ kitchen certainly stayed true to this design imperative with its white marble countertops, stone floor tiles, brass finishes, and natural island cabinetry (Kountry Kraft Penn Line/Inset No Bead Cabinetsfinished in Natural 10°). And, of course, what country farmhouse kitchen is complete without a farmhouse sink?

microwave oven in country farmhouse kitchen
Photography by Designer Appliances

Traditional Layout

A true farmhouse kitchen is more than just its design elements; it also considers how the space is used. Farmhouse kitchens are meant to be functional and are often designed around the cook. That means the work stations are located close together with ample counter space for food prep and cooking. Wydian Kitchens & Design remained true to this ideal when designing the layout for this Bernardsville, NJ kitchen. Notice the short and easy path between the sink and range, with the island providing more than enough prep space right behind it. The oversized island also emphasizes the old notion “the kitchen is the heart of the home” by offering ample space for congregating.

Don’t be Shy!

If the charm of this Bernardsville, NJ design is calling to you, please contact one of our design experts to discuss how we can transform your current space into the picture-perfect country farmhouse kitchen! Follow Kountry Kraft on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more kitchen design inspiration.

White and Gray Kitchen in Orange County, CA

This white and gray kitchen in Orange County, CA is the stunning result of a full remodel by Le Gourmet Kitchen and Bruce Colucci, CKD. Check out how they transformed this 1950s kitchen with a new floor plan and custom inset cabinetry by Kountry Kraft.

White and Gray Kitchen in Orange County, CA
Photography by Bruce Colucci

Tackling the Layout

The first major step of this Orange County, CA kitchen remodel was tackling the outdated, closed-off floor plan. As shown in the “before” photo, the original kitchen used to be much smaller and separate from the dining and living rooms. The removal of several walls completely changed all of these spaces, creating a “great room” for the homeowners to entertain in.

Plus, the kitchen doesn’t just feel larger; it actually is! Opening up the floor plan allowed Le Gourmet Kitchen to expand the size of the kitchen and include the beautiful island that sits front and center in the design.

Tackling the Layout
Photography by Bruce Colucci

Designing Custom Cabinetry

While the layout change was certainly transformative, it’s impossible to understate the impact of the custom white and gray inset cabinets by Kountry Kraft. The white perimeter cabinets emphasize the kitchen’s newfound openness while the gray island cabinets play spectacularly off of the stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures. The inset style also brings a touch of timeless elegance to the otherwise modern design. Le Gourmet shared a tour of this amazing transformation in a YouTube Video you can find here.

Committing to Quality

Le Gourmet Kitchen knows that it’s never a good idea to skimp on quality to save a buck upfront because it’ll end up costing more down the road. That’s why they’re committed to only working with trusted, reliable brands. Kountry Kraft is proud to be Le Gourmet Kitchen’s preferred cabinet partner for the last 30 years and to stand alongside their other trusted brands—Sub Zero, Wolf, and Cove; Create Good Sinks; and Vent-A-Hood.

Love this White and Gray Kitchen in Orange County, CA?

Create your own version with custom inset cabinets by Kountry Kraft! Contact one of our design experts today to learn how we can tailor them to your exact space. Follow Kountry Kraft on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more kitchen remodel inspiration!

This Two Island Kitchen Madison, NJ by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs features custom cabinetry, marble countertops, and so much more. But—as its name suggests—the double kitchen islands are the undisputed showstoppers. Keep reading to learn why this Madison, NJ homeowner decided to go with a two island kitchen layout.

two island kitchen layout

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Separation of Spaces

Having two kitchen islands is anything but redundant. In fact, it actually allows you to better define the stations of your kitchen. In this Madison, NJ home, the first island located near the stove is used for food prep/serving while the second island is reserved for seating/congregating. This way, everyone can gather in the kitchen without stepping on the cook’s toes!

Dedicated Prep Island

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Dedicated Prep Island

Since you don’t have to leave room for legs at your prep island, it can be loaded full of appliances that will maximize the efficiency of your work space. For example, this Madison, NJ kitchen included Sub-Zero and Wolf 24-inch stainless steel refrigerator doors and a 24-inch micro drawer by Sharp in its prep island. However, you could easily swap those out for a dishwasher or wine cooler—whatever makes the most sense for your family!

Dedicated Seating Island

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Dedicated Seating Island

With one island kitchen designs, homeowners almost always leave at least one side of the island without seating so that there’s room to cook. But as we just touched on with the dedicated prep island, two island kitchen designs allow you to dedicate an entire island just to seating. This means that stools (and room for legs) can be on all four sides of the island to allow for maximum seating.

Separation of Spaces in two island kitchen

 Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Two Island Kitchen Madison, NJ

Hopefully you’re no longer wondering, “Why have a double island kitchen?” But, if you find yourself wanting to discuss two kitchen islands a bit further, please contact one of our design experts. They would love to speak with you!

To view more pictures and details of this Two Island Kitchen in Madison, NJ, visit our photo gallery. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more kitchen design inspiration!

We’ve recently had the good fortune of creating some kitchen designs with Inset No Bead Cabinets and we’re so obsessed with the results, we just had to share. Hopefully, you’ll be as inspired by these designs as we are. Let’s break down this cabinet style to discover if it’s right for you.

Flush sitting frame for a smooth surface.

Design by AMS Kitchens  | Allie Fackler Photography

Inset Explained

Inset doors are one of three styles you can choose for your kitchen cabinets (the other two being partial overlay and full overlay, but that’s a discussion for a different day). The inset style means that the face of the door sits flush with the cabinet frame, creating one smooth surface that requires a knob or pull to open.

Bead Explained

“Bead” in the term “beaded inset cabinets” refers to the decorative groove on the frame surrounding the cabinet door on all sides.

But, we’re talking about no bead inset cabinets today, which means the cabinet frame is smooth as you can see in the kitchen image below. No bead inset cabinets offer a cleaner, simpler look that’s more in-line with current trends.

A cleaner, simpler look perfect for the new trends of inset no bead cabinets

Design by Joan Bigg Design LLC

A Perfect Match

So now that we understand what inset and bead mean separately, we can explore what the inset no bead cabinet style means as a whole. This cabinet style has historic roots, as it was widely used throughout the 1800s into the 1920s.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking your kitchen design will be transported back to the Victorian Era if you choose this cabinet style. The truth is, you can easily transport inset no bead cabinets into the 21st century by pairing them with modern design elements. Instead of looking dated, they’ll give your design just a touch of vintage and recall the luxury of old-world fine craftsmanship.

Explore Your Options

Explore our inset no bead cabinets – along with all of our other style options – by visiting our cabinet styles page. If you’re ready to get started or want to speak with one of our experts, find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you!

If there was one design trend that defined the past decade, it was the all-white kitchen. The look is timeless, cohesive, and clean, and has a miraculous way of making even the tiniest kitchen look airy and spacious. But the new decade brings with new trends, and designers say there’s a new color in the kitchen that you should try: black.

Kitchen Designs with Black Cabinets Custom by Kountry Kraft

Whether you want to dip your toes into the black cabinets trend with just a few features or want to go all in, you are bound to gain some inspiration from our round up of a few of our favorite designs.

Kitchens with Black Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Design with Black Cabinets

Jessica McAllister of Kountry Kraft designed this modern kitchen to feature black cabinetry along the perimeter. The cabinetry features a sleek, simple door design. The wood grain shines through the black finish, giving it a unique textural appeal.

Transitional Kitchen with Black Kitchen Island Cabinets

Black can be used in transitional kitchens, too. One of the easiest ways to incorporate black cabinets is to pair them with white. Stonington Cabinetry & Designs featured a black kitchen island among the white perimeter cabinetry in this transitional style design.

Other Rooms

Black cabinetry designs are trending for rooms in the home beyond the kitchen.

Transitional Style Laundry Room with Black Cabinetry
KRR Photography

Architectural Kitchens of Annapolis designed black cabinetry for this laundry room design. Paired with the gold hardware, laundry is no longer a chore but a luxurious escape.

Living Room with Black Cabinetry

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs added a black wet bar into this living room design, with storage for glasses, wine bottles and more.

Visit our website,, to see more rooms and designs that use custom black cabinetry. Do you want black cabinets for a room in your own home? Click here to find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you!

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A current trend hitting kitchens everywhere is the use of neutral countertops. Available in various materials, a neutral countertop will compliment any cabinet color and tie together your ideal kitchen. When saying “neutral countertops”, we are specifically speaking of whites, blacks, and wood colors.

White Countertops

Neutral Countertops are a current kitchen trend, especially white countertops
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith Interiors

When talking about countertops, the go-to for many are stone finishes, such as granite or quartz. When you go with these choices, specifically granite, you will tend to get flecks of grey creating more of an off-white shade. This is ideal for a more traditional kitchens and compliment well with a traditional or shaker style cabinetry. On the flipside, a pure white countertop provides a modern style and can be achieved with using quartz or an engineered stone. The pure white allows for a bright pop in a kitchen that might have more modern, flat-faced or dark wood grained cabinets.

Dark Countertops

Dark countertops are part of the neutral countertop kitchen trend for luxury designs in 2020
Design by Nelson Schneider of Kitchen & Bath Connections in collaboration with Pat of RK Development, Southampton, NY

Many people are hesitant towards black or darker countertops as they might dull down the space. However, if you have darker cabinets, floors, or other darker finishes the addition of a dark countertop will create a sleek space that will be drool-worthy.  If going for a black countertop is too much, going with charcoal will not drown out the color, but is also a bit softer. This look can be achieved through using either granite (with dark flecks), quartz, or even tarnished bronze or brass.

Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are part of the neutral countertop kitchen design trend for spaces remodeled in 2020
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith Interiors

To create a warm space that accents the natural tones in your kitchen, wood countertops are the way to go. When choosing wood countertops the choice becomes darker or lighter wood. When you choose darker wood, it warms a completely white kitchen and creates a more transitional kitchen vibe. Choosing a light wood creates more of a rustic and causal feel inside your kitchen.

Ultimately, the choice in color of your countertops is dependent on the style kitchen you are going for. It is also important to take into consideration the durability, upkeep, and type of material available to get the look you want. Visit the Kitchen Gallery on our website for more kitchen design inspiration.

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