Month: September 2022

No matter your situation, custom cabinets for your home office should be on your radar.

Are you looking to upgrade the temporary home office setup you threw together at the start of Covid with something a bit more intentional and permanent? Or maybe you’ve had a home office for a while and want to give it a facelift with improved functionality. No matter your situation, custom cabinets for your home office should be on your radar. Let me tell you why.


The office space should be a room that you actually want to be in. An aesthetically pleasing office encourages productivity and makes you want to sit down and say, “Let’s get this done.” Conversely, a bare-bones office reminiscent of the dreaded cubicle will have you dragging your feet to avoid the area.

When considering your aesthetically pleasing design, office cabinetry should be the first thing on your radar because it has the largest visual impact due to its size. Imagine walking into your office space and seeing a wall of custom built-ins behind an organized desk. Now imagine lining up a few filing cabinets along a wall. There is just simply no comparison.

White Home Office with Kountry Kraft cabinetry

Design by Thomas R. Kelly of TRK Design Company


Form Meets Function

An office needs storage not only as a matter of function, but also to keep it clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Like I said, not only are filing cabinets not as pretty as custom office storage, but they often aren’t even adequate to store everything. Custom built-ins give you all the hidden storage you could ever need, plus bonus open shelving to display things like books, photos, certificates, and knick knacks—anything that will make you smile when you look up during a break from work.

Rustic home office with Kountry Kraft cabinetry

Design by Mike Hinkle of Hinkle Custom Cabinets

Feeling Inspired?

Are you ready to transform your office space? Kountry Kraft’s design experts are standing by to help you decide what the best fit would be for your space. Find a dealer near you and follow @kountrykraftcabinetry for more design inspiration.