Month: March 2024

With a house’s entryway serving as the main thoroughfare, it’s no wonder that it can get messy—fast. Everything from coats and shoes to wallets and keys tend to be tossed all over if they don’t have a dedicated, accessible storage spot. Creating a clutter free entryway can seem like a daunting task, but thankfully it’s not as hard as you may think. Here are some simple tips for creating a clutter free entryway that will be easy to keep beautiful and organized.

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Mudroom Farmington, CT


  1. Declutter

Be selective with the things you store in the entryway. Everyday items like keys, wallets, purses, and backpacks should have a home in your new, organized entryway. The same can be said for coats and shoes, but be strict with identifying which ones are everyday items. Less used items can be stored elsewhere in the home.

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  1. Establish Zones

Group like items together and establish dedicated storage zones. Coats go in one spot, backpacks in another. This way, everyone can easily grab the items on their way out of the house and (more importantly) return them to their spots upon arriving home.

Mudroom storage cabinets and kitchen with island in background Short Hills, NJ

Mudroom Storage Cabinets Short Hills, NJ


  1. Shoe Storage

Shoes are a big contributor to entryway clutter, even with the “everyday” rule. This is especially true in households with more people. That’s why it’s important to incorporate some kind of shoe storage in your entryway, preferably concealed. Built-in cabinets offer any number of solutions from pull-out shelves to hidden cabinets to cubbies. Other options include a stand-alone shoe cabinet or a simple box. Encourage family members to remove their shoes and place them in their designated spot right when they walk in the door.

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  1. Coat Storage

There are two options for coat storage: hangers and hooks. Built-in cabinets can provide hidden hanger storage if your entryway wasn’t built with a coat closet. But for busy families on the go? My recommendation is hooks. Hooks are easier for children (and parents!) to hang their coats on which means they’re more likely to use them. Encourage family members to hang their coats up right when they get home so they don’t get thrown on a chair or couch.    


Gray Wolf Mudroom Cabinets with coat hooks and storage units for entryway in Sinking Spring, PA

Transitional Gray Mudroom Sinking Spring, PA


  1. Backpack Storage

Say goodbye to rushing around in the mornings trying to hunt down the kids’ backpacks. Incorporate a hook or cubby in the entryway where backpacks are housed and get your children in the routine of leaving them there when they get home from school. Backpacks can be retrieved when it’s time to do homework and returned to their spot afterwards, ready to go for the next morning.



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  1. Seasonal Maintenance

Some of your everyday items will change throughout the year. For example, make sure you switch out your winter coat and boots at the start of spring instead of just adding more items to the entryway. Also take some time to make sure unnecessary things haven’t accumulated by mistake. If they have, return them to their proper place in the house.


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