Month: March 2023

This Two Island Kitchen Madison, NJ by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs features custom cabinetry, marble countertops, and so much more. But—as its name suggests—the double kitchen islands are the undisputed showstoppers. Keep reading to learn why this Madison, NJ homeowner decided to go with a two island kitchen layout.

two island kitchen layout

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Separation of Spaces

Having two kitchen islands is anything but redundant. In fact, it actually allows you to better define the stations of your kitchen. In this Madison, NJ home, the first island located near the stove is used for food prep/serving while the second island is reserved for seating/congregating. This way, everyone can gather in the kitchen without stepping on the cook’s toes!

Dedicated Prep Island

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Dedicated Prep Island

Since you don’t have to leave room for legs at your prep island, it can be loaded full of appliances that will maximize the efficiency of your work space. For example, this Madison, NJ kitchen included Sub-Zero and Wolf 24-inch stainless steel refrigerator doors and a 24-inch micro drawer by Sharp in its prep island. However, you could easily swap those out for a dishwasher or wine cooler—whatever makes the most sense for your family!

Dedicated Seating Island

Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Dedicated Seating Island

With one island kitchen designs, homeowners almost always leave at least one side of the island without seating so that there’s room to cook. But as we just touched on with the dedicated prep island, two island kitchen designs allow you to dedicate an entire island just to seating. This means that stools (and room for legs) can be on all four sides of the island to allow for maximum seating.

Separation of Spaces in two island kitchen

 Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | photographed by Chris Veith

Two Island Kitchen Madison, NJ

Hopefully you’re no longer wondering, “Why have a double island kitchen?” But, if you find yourself wanting to discuss two kitchen islands a bit further, please contact one of our design experts. They would love to speak with you!

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The old way of choosing a color for painted kitchen cabinetry is gone! After seeing our clients struggle with traditional paint swatches, we created the Kountry Kraft Color Studio so you can easily see different paint colors on virtual cabinets at the click of a button. Here are three simple steps to follow in order to find the perfect color for your painted kitchen cabinetry:

Kountry Kraft Door Styles

Choose the Cabinet Style You Like Best

Before heading over to the Color Studio, take a moment to browse our Custom Cabinet Door Style Options to see which one you like best. Kountry Kraft offers a wide array of traditional, transitional, and contemporary cabinet door styles with inset and full overlay options. The door style adds just as much character as the paint color, so make sure to take full advantage of our custom cabinet door styles!

Choose the Cabinet Style You Like Best

Brick Kitchen with White Cabinetry Located in Madison, New Jersey designed by Justin Sachs of Stonington Cabinetry & Designs


painted stain cabinetry

English Walnut Farmhouse Kitchen in Lambertville, New Jersey designed by Wydian Kitchens & Design; photographed by Designer Appliances; edited by Wydian Kitchens & Design

Select a Finish

Today’s focus is on painted kitchen cabinetry, but we love a beautiful stain finish as well! That’s why we’ve created a tool for the Color Studio—the Paint Swatch Tool. Simply decide which finish you prefer and select the appropriate one. For now, let’s continue on to the Paint Swatch Tool to find the perfect color for your custom painted kitchen cabinets.

color studio painted cabinetry

Pick Out the Perfect Color (or Two!)

Finally—we’re ready to find the perfect paint color (or colors!) for your custom kitchen cabinets. The Paint Swatch Tool will help you visualize how each of the 65 different colors available will actually look on your cabinets. It also allows you to mix and match different colors on the wall cabinets, base cabinets, and island so you can try over 150 different color combinations.

The tool is super simple to use, but check out our previous post “Introducing the Kountry Kraft Color Studio” for a quick tutorial. View our Gallery to get inspired by our past clients’ custom painted kitchen cabinets!

My Advice?

Have fun and take some time to play with the tool! You never know what color or combination of colors will surprise you.

When you’ve settled on the color(s) for your painted kitchen cabinetry, please contact us so we can discuss bringing your custom kitchen cabinets to life! Additionally, follow Kountry Kraft on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more kitchen design inspiration.