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Hidden Coffee Station

Searching for some coffee station inspiration? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of coffee station ideas ranging from simple to high-end to spark your imagination. Here is our favorite coffee station inspiration:


Kitchen Storage cabinets for kitchen appliances

Hidden Coffee Station Inspiration

As an everyday item, coffee makers usually have a permanent home on the counter—and rightly so. But that doesn’t mean you want to look at it 24/7 when it only takes a few minutes to brew a pot of coffee. That’s the beauty of hidden coffee stations. Whether you opt for a simple, small appliance garage or a large cabinet that opens to reveal a full coffee bar, a hidden coffee station will keep your countertops looking sleek and clean while preserving the easy access needed for your morning routine.



Keurig® Organization Inspiration

Keurig® coffee makers are extremely convenient because they take up minimal counter space and allow everyone to have their own fresh cup of coffee. The only problem is storing all of those K-cup® pods! That’s why your Keurig® coffee station won’t be complete without a drawer, preferably located right under the coffee machine, to store the pods and keep the station nice and neat. Drawer inserts will also help organize the pods, allowing you to easily grab the desired flavor.


Credenza section of lobby furniture in Newmanstown

Built-In Miele Coffee Station

For coffee connoisseurs, a built-in coffee machine from Miele could be well worth the investment. This top-of-the-line machine will make everything from espressos to cappuccinos to latte macchiatos perfectly without fail. Boasting ten programmable user profiles and several bean holders, you can make one or two cups of specialty coffee simultaneously with just the touch of a button. And c’mon, how pretty is it?!

Pop up outlet with plugged in espresso machine

More Coffee Station Inspiration with Kountry Kraft

For more coffee station inspiration, check out Kountry Kraft’s lookbook on Instagram. Ready to bring your vision to life? Contact one of our kitchen design experts today

Looking for something beyond the standard white or gray stock cabinets? Custom cabinet paint colors by Kountry Kraft are the answer! We custom match paint colors from Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball, and Benjamin Moore to create your perfect timeless custom cabinet color. Here’s a look at our top choices:


Muddled Basil Kitchen Island Cabinets and White Kitchen Cabinets for a home located in Arlington, Virginia

Timeless Custom Cabinet Colors—Shades of White

White is arguably the top timeless paint choice for cabinets because it’s classic and versatile. It suits a wide array of design aesthetics and creates a clean foundation that pairs nicely with almost any countertop, backsplash, flooring, and fixture choice. This cleanness is the key to its timeless nature. Not only is it versatile now, but it will be in the future too. If you decide to make some updates later on, you can replace one or two elements and have a brand new design without touching the cabinets. 


The perimeter cabinets of this Arlington, VA kitchen were custom color matched to Dover White by Sherwin Williams. This shade is a beautiful warm white that complements the bronze fixtures and Top Knobs hardware. Visit this project’s photo gallery for more design details.


Country Kitchen Design Branford, CT

Timeless Custom Cabinet Colors—Light Neutrals

Light neutral colors like grays, beiges, and taupes are also timeless custom cabinet colors. They offer much of the same versatility as white cabinets but help add a touch of color to the space. Neutral color palettes exude a sense of sophistication and elegance that have yet to go out of style, making them perfect custom cabinet paint colors.


The inset cabinets of this Branford, CT kitchen are custom finished with Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball. Finding its origin in 19th century skim (plaster), this warm light gray/taupe perfectly channels the design’s inspiration—the English countryside. Visit this project’s photo gallery or read our blog post for more design details.


Navy Kitchen Avon, CT

Timeless Custom Cabinet Colors—Bold Jewel Tones

Timeless custom cabinet colors can still be bold. For those looking to make a statement, consider deep colors like navy blue or emerald green. Made popular during the Victorian era for their luxuriousness and dramatic flair, these colors feel equally at home in both traditional and contemporary designs.


The inset shaker cabinets of this Avon, CT kitchen are custom painted with Mysterious by Benjamin Moore. A navy so deep it verges on black, this rich color adds an air of refined elegance to the otherwise contemporary design. Visit this project’s photo gallery for more design details.


Create Your Own Custom Cabinet Paint Colors!

Contact one of our design experts to start searching for your perfect custom cabinet paint color today!

White Subway Tile backsplash

Transitional kitchen designs have become exceedingly popular in recent years because they bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary aesthetics, striking a beautiful balance that appeals to a wide range of tastes. This Malvern custom kitchen remodel near Philadelphia, PA by Jean M. Buchen, CKD of KT Highland offers the perfect case study to explore the staples of transitional kitchen design. 


two tones

Neutral Color Palette

Transitional kitchens tend to feature neutral color palettes centered around various shades of white, gray, and beige. These chic and timeless colors imbue the space with elegance and sophistication while also serving as a versatile backdrop for other elements.


This Malvern custom kitchen remodel features a striking two-tone cabinet design. Lamp Room Gray paint gives the wall cabinets a fresh look while the richly stained Natural Walnut peninsula offers a subtle nod to more traditional design. Combined, the two tones create a beautiful contrast that immediately captures the eye and brings this custom kitchen to life.


Two-Tone Kitchen Design Malvern, PA

Simple, Clean Lines

Transitional kitchens often showcase simple, clean lines and avoid excessive ornamentation. This minimalist approach helps create a streamlined look that’s easy on the eye. For example, this Malvern custom kitchen remodel features shaker cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash. The lines created by both of these elements—effortlessly beautiful in their simplicity—naturally encourage the eye to progress through the room, drawing you into the kitchen. They also allow you to focus on the granite countertops, a true showstopper element that would be overwhelmed by more ornate pairings.  


two-tone kitchen design

State-of-the-Art Appliances

Appliances are one area that transitional kitchens do NOT reference the past. Many opt for sleek stainless-steel appliances that are as modern in function as they are in look. That’s exactly the route that the homeowners of this Malvern custom kitchen remodel decided to go, incorporating stainless-steel appliances from both LG and Viking. Complementary nickel cabinet hardware provides the seamless link that ties the appliances into the rest of the design.   



Kountry Kraft Custom Kitchens

Kountry Kraft is proud to work with a wide array of partners to bring you beautiful custom kitchen remodels wherever you are! Find a dealer near you to get started!


For a deeper dive into this Malvern Custom Kitchen Remodel by KT Highland, check out our project photo gallery.

This white and gray kitchen in Orange County, CA is the stunning result of a full remodel by Le Gourmet Kitchen and Bruce Colucci, CKD. Check out how they transformed this 1950s kitchen with a new floor plan and custom inset cabinetry by Kountry Kraft.

kitchen in orange county california

Tackling the Layout

The first major step of this Orange County, CA kitchen remodel was tackling the outdated, closed off floor plan. As shown in the “before” photo, the original kitchen used to be much smaller and separate from the dining and living rooms. The removal of several walls completely changed all of these spaces, creating a “great room” for the homeowners to entertain in.

old kitchen

Plus, the kitchen doesn’t just feel larger; it actually is! Opening up the floor plan allowed Le Gourmet Kitchen to expand the size of the kitchen and include the beautiful island that sits front and center in the design.

kitchen in orange county california

Designing Custom Cabinetry

While the layout change was certainly transformative, it’s impossible to understate the impact of the custom white and gray inset cabinets by Kountry Kraft. The white perimeter cabinets emphasize the kitchen’s newfound openness while the gray island cabinets play spectacularly off of the stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures. Not to mention, the inset style brings a touch of timeless elegance to the otherwise modern design.

Committing to Quality

Le Gourmet Kitchen knows that it’s never a good idea to skimp on quality to save a buck upfront because it’ll end up costing more down the road. That’s why they’re committed to only working with trusted, reliable brands. Kountry Kraft is proud to be Le Gourmet Kitchen’s preferred cabinet partner for the last 30 years and to stand alongside their other trusted brands—Sub Zero, Wolf, and Cove; Create Good Sinks; and Vent-A-Hood.

30 year partnership plaque

Love this White and Gray Orange County Kitchen?

Create your own version with custom inset cabinets by Kountry Kraft! Contact one of our design experts today to learn how we can tailor them to your exact space. Follow Kountry Kraft on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more kitchen remodel inspiration!

Explore some ideas for cabinet upgrades during renovation.

Did the halfway marker for 2022 sneak up on anyone else? I feel like the year has flown by! On the bright side, we now have enough dataㅡgraciously collected and reported by the 2022 US Houzz Kitchen Trends Studyㅡto discern the year’s hottest kitchen trends. The big takeaway? 65% of renovating homeowners replaced all their kitchen cabinets. Let’s explore these cabinet upgrades during renovation.

Replace Kitchen Cabinets

About two in three homeowners replaced all of their kitchen cabinets. Compound that with 29% of homeowners choosing various degrees of partial cabinet replacement and the result is that 94% chose to upgrade their cabinets as part of their kitchen renovation.

That’s a staggering number, but not wholly unexpected. Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest visual elements of a kitchen design, and arguably the most important functional element too. It makes sense that homeowners gave them their due attention.

Going Custom

With so many homeowners deciding that replacing kitchen cabinets was worth the investment, it makes sense that they made sure they got exactly what they wanted. 43% of homeowners chose custom cabinetry, with an additional 35% selecting semi-custom cabinets so that they fit each unique space perfectly. Only 21% chose stock or ready-to-assemble cabinets.

A new trend in 2022 is going custom with cabinets during renovation.

Replacement Styles & Color

Trends in style and color didn’t change much in 2022. Shaker style doors dominated again with 64% of homeowners selecting this style. White was also clearly the favorite cabinet color again, bringing in 41% of the vote. An interesting note though: if you combine the wood tones, they make up 19% of the vote, meaning nearly 1 in 5 homeowners opted for wood cabinets.

2022 Isn’t Over Yet

There’s still time to start your 2022 kitchen renovation and get in on these trends! Replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops is a big deal, so visit a Kountry Kraft dealer near you and our experts will help walk you through the design process. Follow @kountrykraftcabinetry for more kitchen design inspiration.

White Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

So often, we get swept up in the “big picture” of kitchen design. Cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes get all the attention while smaller details fall to the background. That’s why today, I want to shine a spotlight on white kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.

Think of hardware as your cabinets’ accessory. In the same way that jewelry can change an entire look, so too can your cabinets’ hardware. Do you want to go bold or minimal? Modern or rustic? Let’s use the clean palette of a white kitchen design to explore my favorite kitchen hardware looks.

My Favorite Finishes

  • Brushed Brass Hardware: The golden tones of this finish will help lighten and add warmth to the sterile white of your cabinets. A great way to add a little glam to your design.

    White kitchen cabinet brass hardware to add color to any kitchen
    Design by Martha Gargano of A Matter of Style | Photography by Allie Fackler
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware: This finish is perfect for rustic designs and will give you that vintage, weathered look. And the dark tones will be striking against your white cabinets.

    oil rubbed bronze hardware for white kitchen cabinets
    Design by Martha Gargano of A Matter of Style | Photography by Allie Fackler
  • Polished Nickel Hardware: The classic. The silver color of the hardware paired with the white of the cabinets will create a sleek, modern look. Bonus: it easily pairs with stainless steel and black appliances.

    polished nickel hardware for white kitchen cabinets
    Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith Interiors

Different Styles

First question: cabinet knobs or cabinet pulls? A good rule of thumb is to use knobs when working with detailed or ornate cabinets, so things don’t get too busy. But, if you have a simpler style of cabinet, like shakers, it just comes down to preference. You can even try mixing and matching the two.

Second question: what style of knobs or pulls? Smooth, tubular pulls, or simple knobs complement the more modern look of brushed brass or polished nickel. Alternatively, if you chose oil rubbed bronze, your design is probably a bit more rustic or traditional. An antique style knob or pull with some finely detailed elements can build on this look.


Looking for More Inspiration?

Follow us on Instagram @kountrykraftcabinetry for more kitchen cabinet hardware ideas. Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you to start designing!

A Case for Green Kitchen Cabinets

With more and more people looking to bring the relaxing feel of nature indoors, green kitchen cabinets
are skyrocketing in popularity. It makes us feel like we’re surrounded by lush greenery, even if we don’t
have the green thumb to keep houseplants alive. Bonus: it’s super easy to design with because it goes
with other natural elements like wood, stone, and metal.

A Case for Green Kitchen Cabinets
Allie Fackler Photography

Green in the Kitchen

A lot of people will jump on board to paint their kitchen walls green, but many will balk at the idea of green
kitchen cabinets. Why? If you love the color, why not paint the most prominent feature of the kitchen
green? If we’re using green, I say use it to its full potential. I say, go with green cabinets.

Green or Green?

Deciding on green kitchen cabinets is only step one. Step two: picking a shade.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets to match Farrow and Ball Cooking Apple Green
Allie Fackler Photography

With Kountry Kraft’s completely custom cabinets, every shade of green under the sun is available for you
to choose from. If you’re going for a softer, subtler look, consider something like a washed-out sage or
light mint color. That’s what we did for this AMS Kitchen, using Farrow & Ball’s “Cooking Apple Green.”

Or, make a statement and go bold with a deep forest green or warm olive. If you’re drawn to light and
dark shades, have the best of both worlds by going with dark green bottom cabinets and light green upper

I Can’t Decide!

A great tip for choosing a paint shade is to display large paint swatches against your existing cabinets so
you can get a feel for what the color will look like in that space with that lighting.

And, as always, our Kountry Kraft experts would be happy to help you find the perfect shade, whether it
be green or otherwise. Our custom cabinets offer every shade, but also every shape and size to give you
exactly what you’re looking for. Click here to find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you!

With the pandemic causing so many people to spend increased time at home, kitchen renovations have soared. And, unsurprisingly, cabinetry is a central focus. An astonishing 94% of homeowners renovating their kitchen performed some form of kitchen cabinet upgrades, with 63% of them opting to replace the cabinets entirely. Let’s see what kind of inspiration we can glean from these emerging cabinetry trends.


Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades Partial and Full Replacements
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith Interiors

Partial Upgrades

For the 31% homeowners who chose partial cabinetry upgrades, space was a huge factor. 28% of this group added some form of new cabinetry, which represents an increase of nearly 400% from 2020. Others decided to focus on aesthetic, choosing to either refinish the cabinet exteriors or replace only the cabinet doors. This approach is a great way to update the look of your kitchen without cutting too deep into your budget.

Full Replacement 

As I mentioned before, a whopping 63% of kitchen remodelers chose to fully replace their cabinets to create the right look and storage for their families. And, they increasingly chose to consult with professionals for help making their kitchen more functional, usually maintaining the same layout and square footage.

Cabinetry heavily contributes to the functionality of your kitchen and can be the difference between easy and nightmare storage. For example, have you ever wanted waffles, but refused to unpack half of your cabinet to get the seldom-used waffle maker out? You didn’t have waffles that morning, did you? Now imagine if you could simply open a door and get that waffle maker out. That’s the difference the right cabinets can make.

If You Need Advice…

We at Kountry Kraft would love to be the professionals that you reach out to for help picking the right kitchen cabinet upgrades for your home.  Let’s get started! Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you.


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Style and function are the two big factors people consider when they think about cabinets. However, you may not realize that the way you choose to install your cabinet doors will have a large impact on both. Let’s explore two installation methods so you can decide what’s right for your home: inset and full overlay cabinet doors.

Inset and Full Overlay Cabinet Doors



Inset Cabinet Doors for a Kitchen Design
Design by  by Kitchens & Baths by A Matter of Style | Allie Fackler Photography

Inset doors are designed to sit flush with the cabinet frame. In other words, the cabinet and the doors (excluding hardware) will be one smooth surface when the doors are closed. The frame will be fully visible.

Pros: This style of door offers a clean, high-end look that is generally accompanied by superior quality since it requires greater skill to install. It also helps guard against damaged doors since they’re encased in the frame when closed, making the corners harder to nick.

Cons: However, inset doors are more expensive because of that necessary installation know-how. They also provide the least storage room since the doors are flush with the frame. Highly humid climates can cause wood to expand, leaving inset doors susceptible to sticking and the finish wearing off in tight spots.


Full Overlay

Full Overlay Cabinets for a Kitchen designed by designed by Prodigy Kitchens & Baths
Design by Prodigy Kitchens & Baths

Full overlay doors sit on top of the cabinet frame as opposed to within it. They’re designed extra-large to cover the entire frame, offering a similar smooth look to inset doors but with none of the frame visible.

Pros: This style of door also offers a clean, high-end look but is easier to install, making it more affordable. It also offers a bit more storage space since the doors are situated on top of the frame.

Cons: The downside to full overlay doors is that they may show signs of wear more quickly since the door corners aren’t protected.



As with any choice, both options have their pros and cons. Consider them carefully to decide which style is right for you. Although, in the end, it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with either!

If you need help exploring inset and full overlay cabinet doors, you may contact us or use our dealer locater to find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you!

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Furniture, Lighting and Décor recently wrote an article that explores the trends of a kitchen that garner the most likes on Instagram. Here are the most important trends to feature in your kitchen if you want Instagram users to hit that like button:

  1. Shaker kitchen cupboards
  2. Wooden floors
  3. White cupboards & flowers/plants
  4. Kitchen island
  5. Brass door handles & marble countertops

Now, don’t think you have to cram every trend into your kitchen design in order to get a lot of likes. It’s never worth it to force something that doesn’t fit. But, the most popular kitchens on Instagram did all contain various combinations of these trends, with the number one kitchen featuring all but two of these elements. The more of these trends that you can cohesively blend, the more likes you’ll probably get.

Designing a Kitchen that Instagram Loves
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith Interiors

A Starting Point

Shaker kitchen cupboards are a great base to build your design around because out of all the top kitchen posts, they were featured a whopping *92.6% of the time. While they’re a highly traditional style, shaker cupboards are only growing in popularity. It’s clear that people love this look.

Supporting Trends

Wooden floors are the second biggest trend, in 74% of the top posts analyzed. White cupboards and flowers/plants are both in third place, with each of them being in 70.4% of the top posts. White walls were also a big hit, suggesting that people love white kitchens in general. Kitchen islands were featured in 51.9% of the top posts, while brass door handles and marble countertops were both featured in 44.4% of the top posts.

No matter how you combine these trends, they’re sure to help your kitchen design become “Insta-worthy!”

*All percentages rounded to the nearest tenth.

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