Month: December 2015

Quality Cabinetry InspectionBefore any Kountry Kraft order ships to our customers it goes through a rigorous quality cabinetry inspection to ensure that it is produced according to specs and meets our strict quality guidelines.  It is just one of the services we provide that many of our competitors do not offer, and it helps Kountry Kraft products stand out above the rest.   Here is a detailed explanation of our inspection process over the lifetime of an order:

  1. All orders are inspected prior to processing and entering into manufacturing software.
  2. All orders are reviewed after order entry to confirm part sizes, door sizes, and floor plan dimensions.
  3. After all parts are cut and machined they are inspected to confirm that they are correct prior to assembly.
  4. After assembly all cabinets and parts are inspected to confirm they are assembled and have the correct specifications required for installation of internal parts.
  5. Prior to cabinets being loaded into our finishing line they are inspected to ensure they are properly sanded and all areas requiring finishing are correctly identified.
  6. After the initial finish is applied (stain or primer) we inspect the finish to ensure the color is correct or that the proper mills of primer have been applied.
  7. All product is again inspected prior to application of final top coat. In the case of glaze finishes our most experienced finishing personnel shades and/or modifies each piece to match the customer approved sample.
  8. After the cabinetry has all components installed (doors, drawers, pullout units, etc.), it is again inspected.
  9. Cabinets are then are staged in the warehouse according to the floor plans provided and are inspected to assure:
    1. Color consistency and matching to the color control door.
    2. All exposed sides are finished correctly.
    3. All doors and drawers work properly, and will not conflict with adjacent cabinets.
    4. Dimensions of the manufactured cabinetry is consistent with the floor plan
    5. All moldings and parts match the cabinetry.
  10. Before any cabinet is loaded onto the delivery truck the cabinets are accounted for and again reviewed for any quality issues.

This rigorous quality cabinetry inspection isn’t a requirement.  It takes a great deal of time, but in our opinion it is time well spent.  We take our track record of shipping orders 99% on time and correctly the first time very seriously, and we aim to reduce the ultimate cost of cabinetry installation for our clients by making sure our orders are error free. We feel so strongly about the quality of our cabinetry that we offer a lifetime warranty.  Our 10 point quality cabinetry inspection is just one of the many ways we ensure that the cabinetry we produce lives up to the Kountry Kraft name.

luxury kitchen designs

At Kountry Kraft we are known for high quality custom cabinetry made to spec and delivered with very few errors on-time 99% of the time.  Our skilled team of craftsmen are proud of every order we produce, but occasionally we have the opportunity to produce some truly customized luxury kitchen designs that we are especially proud of.  One of those is this Horizontal Grain Walnut kitchen we created for one of our top dealers, the talented Tom Kelly, at TRK Kitchen and Interior Design, with locations in Florida, Massachusetts and Maine.

Tom has been one of our valued dealers for more than 25 years, and over that time we have built some really beautiful luxury kitchen designs for him.  This kitchen was created for professional architects who have a keen eye for design.  The focal point of the room is the beautiful Horizontal Grain Walnut cabinetry, which is grain matched for a stunning visual effect.  The horizontal grain in the cabinetry, the pulls and the tile continue the horizontal pattern, and the glass pendants play off the tile.  Sub Zero, Wolf, and Miele appliances luxury kitchen designsfinish the design, adding cutting-edge functionality to the beautiful high end design of this kitchen space.


Our Skills

Many designers and dealers may not realize that Kountry Kraft has the ability to work with new and unusual materials, and we can build cabinetry that features intricate and complicated designs.  We have built many truly superior custom projects over the years and are proud luxury kitchen designs we have created because they truly illustrate the broad depth of our capabilities.

Kountry Kraft values our partnership with our incredibly talented network of dealers like Tom Kelly.  We enjoy the challenge of fulfilling their most custom luxury kitchen designs, and we encourage them to take advantage of our advanced capabilities.  Search our dealer locator to find custom kitchen designers near you to begin creating a truly beautiful cabinetry project to enhance the beauty and function of your home.

photography by Tom Kelly

custom-stain-matchingWhen creating a custom cabinetry plan, people often overlook the impact custom stain matching can have on the finish of their cabinets.  They take great care selecting the wood and door style that most appeals to the décor of their home, but often neglect to consider how cabinet finishes such as paint, stain and glaze will enhance the overall look of their cabinetry.

Often, when adding custom cabinets to a room, there is a need to custom stain match the new cabinetry with existing cabinetry within the adjacent space.  Many people don’t realize that Kountry Kraft offers custom stain matching to your existing cabinetry as an option.  It’s important to us that you love your Kountry Kraft cabinetry – and to ensure your satisfaction we are willing to take the time needed to custom match the stain on your cabinet order.  The better your cabinetry fits into the décor of your home, the more satisfied you will be.  And a satisfied customer is a happy customer, which is important to our company.  This is just one of the many services that Kountry Kraft offers that many of our competitors do not.

The process for custom stain matching on cabinetry is relatively simple for us given the skill level of all of the craftsmen here at Kountry Kraft.  We will create our own mix of stain that most closely matches your existing cabinetry using our wide selection of stain colors and glazes, and can create a nearly perfect match to your existing cabinetry.  Our knowledgeable designers can also suggest other solutions that will complement your existing cabinetry– such as painted wood cabinets in a coordinating color, or antiqued finishes that add depth to the room.

With Kountry Kraft, your options are only limited by your imagination.  We offer custom cabinetry solutions for every room in your home, and custom stain matching is a unique service that our highly skilled kitchen design experts can offer that is not found in some other cabinet lines.  At Kountry Kraft we work with you to truly bring out the design potential in your home.  Check out our gallery for cabinetry design inspirations, and get started on your custom cabinet project today.

 A living legacy woven from one family’s deep commitment to remarkable craftsmanship

Kountry Kraft HistoryEarly on as Elvin and Helen were establishing Kountry Kraft, they developed four guiding principles for success:

  • Craft the highest quality custom product
  • Kountry Kraft workshop circa 1961
  • Deliver it on schedule
  • Price it fairly
  • Be honest, genuine and friendly

By staying true to these values in all of their dealings, Kountry Kraft soon became widely known for top level craftsmanship and impeccable service.  The company soared, rapidly expanding from the small workshop in the Hurst family garage to a new 96,000 square foot facility built on the family The Evolution of Kountry Kraftfarm, where the company still resides today.   Elvin and Helen spent their lives running their business while raising their four children and managing an
80 acre farm.

As the company flourished over the years, two of Elvin and Helen’s four children, Elvin Hurst Jr. and Dolores Hurst-Funk worked alongside their parents to learn the business before purchasing the company from them in 2003.   This experience gave them a strong desire to guide our company into the future.  Elvin Jr. and Dee continue to operate the company today with a staff of over 100 skilled craftsmen who have over 1500 years of combined experience.

Today, Kountry Kraft’s technologies and systems are kept current to ensure efficiency and accuracy in order processing, design and accounting.  To maintain a focus on detail and craftsmanship, the factory is tooled with the newest and most accurate industry equipment such as computerized panel saws, dovetailing machines, pneumatic assembly systems, and the latest in high-quality finishing equipment.Kountry Kraft Image

For over 55 years Kountry Kraft has experienced steady growth due in large part to our commitment to quality.  We are proud of our company heritage – starting with our first Craftsman saw – which still stands in the lobby of the company today as a testament to the value of hard work and craftsmanship that withstands the test of time.

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It AllKountry Kraft Cabinetry Started With A Saw Started With A Saw

In our last blog post, we discussed the challenges Elvin and Helen Hurst had to overcome to launch their own cabinetry business in 1959.  But the humble beginnings of Kountry Kraft are a great holiday story reminiscent of The Gift of the Magi –a tale of how a thoughtful gift can make a huge difference in many lives and become the impetus for something big.

Once we started telling our story it gained momentum, and when the folks at the Sears Craftsman Club heard about it, they clearly agreed.  We are thrilled to say they liked it so much it is featured in this month’s Craftsman Club blog.  Click here to read more about how Helen Hurst’s thoughtful Christmas gift opened up a path success for the Hurst family and the hundreds of skilled craftsmen who work here at Kountry Kraft  – and created a pioneering business in the custom cabinetry industry.

The Future of Custom Cabinetry

The Hurst Family has a lasting commitment to hard work and fair business, and in next week’s blog we’ll follow the explosive growth of their custom cabinetry company over the past 50 years, and tell you about the 2nd and 3rd generation of our family members who are running the company today.

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