Month: September 2015


Kountry Kraft Kitchen featured In Susquehanna Style Magazine

The goal of every kitchen design is to create a room that is both a beautiful and functional addition to a home.   One of the most rewarding aspects of design is seeing how the finished product comes together. Our Kountry Kraft product line includes so many options that the possible combinations are endless, and we think every one of our finished kitchen is unique and beautiful. But every now and then a design really stands out. That was definitely the case with this  design by Shawn Preis for Roland Builder’s 2014 Home-A-Rama model, and a Kountry Kraft Kitchen was featured in the September 2015 issue of Susquehanna Style magazine.

In this design Shawn utilizes beaded inset cabinets finished in Bleeker Beige with Van Dyke Glaze. The wall cabinets feature double panel doors and stacked cabinets topped with 4-lite X-mullion glass doors. The wall and base cabinets are also at depths to give the kitchen some dramatic visual impact. The island is quarter sawn white oak with a natural finish   anSusq2d Van Dyke Glaze. The corner bead rout and applied moulding on the island give it a beautiful finished look. Extra features abound, enhancing the functionality and luxuriousness of this kitchen.

Susquehanna Style writes that the off-white finish of the cabinets brings warmth to the room calling it a nice change from the usual “crisp modern look”. They classify the kitchen as “Modern Manor” in style, and we agree – it would fit in perfectly

with the high ceilings, gabled windows and high-brow scandals of a modern “Downton Abbey” English Manor.

Above all, Kountry Kraft is happy to partner with fantastic crafters like Roland Builder and talented designers like Shawn Preis. Read the full text of the Susquehanna Style article to see a photo of the beautiful featured kitchen, and visit Roland Builder on the web to see more of their inspired home designs. Finally, for more kitchen inspirations, visit Kountry Kraft at

Today’s kitchen cabinets provide functionality to elegance. Have you ever looked for more cabinet storage area in your kitchen? Perhaps you recently purchased a new kitchen gadget, brought it home and then spent considerable time pondering where its new home should be. Whether the kitchen is your personal playground, a family oasis, or an elegant entertaining area, it should provide storage solutions, accessibility, and movement that mirror your lifestyle. Even if your primary reason for seeking custom cabinets is cosmetic, there’s probably something else you’d like to include to make the space more efficient. Maybe your original cabinets made it impossible to keep items organized, or you always had to struggle to get items from the back. This is a chance to not only give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, but also to resolve the issues your old cabinets created.

Unlike stock cabinets, which come only with a few adjustable shelves, custom cabinets can be made to meet your exact storage needs.




Special features that add to today’s kitchen cabinets and provide functionality include:


  • Plate holders – allow you to safely store fine china and other valuable dishware, reducing the damage that sometimes results from stacking.
  • Knife racks – keep your cutlery sharp while keeping sharp blades out of reach.
  • Pull-out shelves – make it easier to access items tucked away in the back.
  • Shelves on the door – create more storage space.
  • Specially built shelves – hold items like silverware, wine and spices – items that aren’t always easy to store in more standard cabinets.
  • Slide-out baskets – hold trash cans and recycling bins, keeping them within reach but out of sight.
  • Integrated panels – create a more consistent look throughout the room.

Depending on your storage priorities, you can have these features built right into the cabinets or created as separate pieces that can be added or removed as needed. Either way, you have custom cabinetry that’s attractive, functional and makes the most use of available space.

Check out our website for more information!