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Custom Master Bath Design

  Designer: Roger Yiengst | Kountry Kraft, Inc. | Newmanstown, PA

Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Custom Cabinets -


Your bathroom should be an oasis in your home. It provides an essential beginning to each successful day and a candlelit retreat in the evening to unwind and reflect.  You want your bathroom to be a place to escape – with a spa-like atmosphere that offers relaxation and peace.  Having a versatile bathroom, with custom bathroom cabinets designed specifically to keep everything you need in order is vital to finding and maintaining inner peace.

Bathroom Cabinets by Kountry Kraft | Options

Many people don’t realize the multitude of options available to help customize a bathroom to suit their personal style.  Custom vanities not only offer storage for first aid and beauty supplies, but they can include really unique options based on your personal habits.  Outlets can be built into vanity drawers to help manage the tangled cords from blow dryers and flat irons.  Heated towel bars and radiant floor heating can keep you warm on cold winter days.  TVs built into your mirror can help you find out today’s weather, or catch up on the morning news before heading to work.  The possibilities are endless.



Custom bathroom cabinets can also be grouped together to create a custom linen closet to fit all your towels, sheets and other linens.  Groups of custom bathroom cabinets can be place together to fill odd shaped space and maximize storage.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets By Kountry Kraft

Gone are the days when a medicine cabinet held all your needs.  Today, families look for custom cabinets that will store their personal care supplies like soap and lotion, hair care and makeup.  An organized bathroom with the right custom bathroom cabinets can keep clutter to a minimum and enhance the relaxing atmosphere of your bathroom space.

Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Designer: Roger Yiengst | Kountry Kraft, Inc. | Newmanstown, PA

A properly planned bathroom can create a spa-like experience for you and your family.  Our design team is great in choosing the right combination of custom bathroom cabinets and custom vanities to provide you not only with the storage you need, but the style and atmosphere you are looking to cultivate in your home.

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Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Custom Cabinets

It’s time to redo your kitchen and you think you may want custom cabinets. Take a deep breath.We can help make your decisions without getting in your way. We have 1,500+ combined years worth of quality custom cabinetry behind our name and our quality speaks for itself

As you plan your kitchen, you may be factoring in the pros and cons of Custom Cabinets and Stock Cabinets.We understand that it’s a big decision and you want to get good, quality cabinetry. Here’s some information that you may find helpful.


Custom cabinets are mostly constructed by regional cabinet manufacturers much like Kountry Kraft. Our cabinetry is built by master craftsmen and is designed to fit into your space.

Photo of custom cabinets, Amy Pasek Designer – Integrated Kitchens – Kountry Kraft Blog
Designer: Amy Pasek | Integrated Kitchens | Montgomery Village, MD

We are proud to say that our products are delivered on time nearly 100% of the time – so there’s no costly time delays that can put a monkey wrench in your project.

Kountry Kraft empowers our customers with the resources to design their dream cabinetry, whether that be in their kitchen, office, bathroom, etc. We work with highly skilled dealers and designers who will

come to your location, measure your space, draw up a schematic, make product recommendations and give you general pricing – making your cabinet shopping experience as simple as possible.

When you choose custom cabinetry, know that there are no rules. There is no standard 3” cabinet size. Sometimes people have unique spaces that normal stock cabinets just don’t accommodate. Custom cabinetry offers much greater flexibility and capacity for storage. This is where we excel. There may be a price differential between custom and stock cabinetry, but the value that you receive will be well worth the expenditure.


Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured, cartooned, and stored in a warehouse until they’re ordered. The industry standard sizes are based on multiples of three. They are very cut and dry when it comes to what’s available. There’s a standard width, height and depth to these cabinets. If your space is unique in size or shape, it is likely stock cabinets will be difficult to install.

Since the cabinets are manufactured prior to your order, the specific cabinet that you need may be unavailable. For the most part, no modifications can be made to pre-ordered stock from a catalog.

You may think we’re biased toward custom cabinets, and the truth is, we are. That’s because for over 50 years Kountry Kraft has been listening to what our customers tell us, and using that information to make our products and services better. We could always produce stock cabinetry, but that’s not what our customers want. They want our designers expertise when re-imagining a room that they will “live” in and they don’t want to settle for compromised quality and installation. We pride ourselves in the quality of our fine custom cabinetry and our impeccable customer service – and we think everyone deserves that kind of experience when planning their cabinet purchase.

Hanford Luxury Kitchens
Luxury Kitchen designed by Hanford Cabinet & Woodworking
Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Luxury Kitchens
Dee Hurst-Funk

The title of this blog may sound familiar. In fact, it may make you nostalgic, depending on when you were born. Recently there have been a number of Transformers reboots in Hollywood. They are movies derived from the 1984 Hasbro Toy Manufacturing Company toys with the tagline of, “The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye!” The premise is that they are robots disguised as common, ordinary objects.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with Luxury Kitchens?”   Luxury Kitchens have a strong appeal not only because of their beautiful aesthetics, but also because of the special little nuances not outwardly visible to the casual observer. Hidden behind those gorgeous wooden panels could be any number of things – a chef’s pantry, a pull out spice rack, or even a full-size refrigerator!  Today, luxury kitchens certainly serve as the Transformers of the kitchen world.

Kitchens have become the center of all activity in modern homes, and as such our customers want their kitchens to be just as stylish and comfortable as the rest of the house. Luxury kitchens look less and less like work zones and more and more like family rooms with cabinetry integrated into paneling, sleek and less obtrusive appliances, and modern conveniences like laptop nooks and integrated tablet stations.

Luxury kitchens don’t only include unique storage solutions. There are many things that go into classifying your kitchen space as “Luxury.” Webster classifies luxury as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” To that end, what qualifies as a luxury kitchen is subjective to what you consider important to the comfort and enjoyment of your family.

At Kountry Kraft we provide only top quality craftsmanship and add-on options for your cabinetry. We always choose specially selected furniture grade solid woods and veneers, and inspect every aspect of finishing and assemble to ensure a quality product. We always treat every project as the most important, and handle every order with the care it deserves.

Whether it be the cabinets that conceal a work station, enhanced lighting, or unique features like column pullouts and hidden spice drawers, the hidden luxuries of Kountry Kraft luxury kitchens definitely deliver more than meets the eye. Luxury, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Whether cooking for a large group of people, bonding with your family, or relaxing on your own – having a luxurious kitchen that your family can live in is sure to make your house a home.

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Kountry Kraft: Committed to Eco-Friendly Cabinetry

When you think of custom cabinetry you may not necessarily think green. After all – custom cabinetry is made of wood – and to get wood, you have to cut down trees, right? But there are many ways cabinet manufacturers can step up their commitment to the environment, and at Kountry Kraft we take that responsibility very seriously.

Since 2007, Kountry Kraft has been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association through their prestigious Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). To achieve this status, we must follow manufacturing practices that safeguard the environment. This certification is renewed annually, and to maintain it, we must track our achievements and continually seek innovative environmentally friendly methods and practices.

Kountry Kraft makes green choices in many areas of our manufacturing. We choose to use conversion varnishes and stains that contain the lowest VOCs- volatile organic compounds – and HOPs – hazardous air pollutants – in the industry today. We offer a waterborne finish that contains no added formaldehyde but does not sacrifice the quality of our traditional cabinet finishes. Our distilling program recycles our finishing by-products by removing the lacquer thinner (liquid) which is then used to clean spray guns, hoses, and other finishing devices. The remaining by product (solid) is sent to a facility that uses it for production.

The plywood and other materials used in our products are Carb II compliant. All of our scrap wood is burned and used to heat our manufacturing facility and the drying ovens we use in our finishing division. We recycle wood,cardboard, metal and finishing product waste to keep it out of landfills.

Committed to Greener Cabinet Manufacturing
Committed to Greener Cabinet Manufacturing

When customers choose high quality wood cabinetry for their home, they are making a lifetime choice. High quality wooden cabinetry is built to last, and needs less frequent replacement than lower quality cabinetry that can easily warp or degrade. At Kountry Kraft we provide a lifetime guarantee for our products, and we stand by that guarantee.

We are also proud to say that our products are Made In The U.S.A. We use local resources and consume fewer fossil fuels to transport our finished products to their final destination. Cardboard is used for packaging product to be shipped via UPS and Fed EX, thus reducing the the environmental impact of our packaging materials. To further reduce our burden on the landfills, cardboard which is not used for packaging, along with scrap metal are taken to a local recycling facility.

At Kountry Kraft we take environmental stewardship seriously. We build products that last a lifetime and choose environmentally safe manufacturing processes wherever possible to help make the world a better place.

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