Month: March 2018

Kountry Kraft designers will take a look at your current kitchen layout and lifestyle and brainstorm cabinet storage ideas that will make your daily kitchen tasks easier. The designer’s goal is to make the most of your kitchen space by incorporating custom cabinet storage ideas throughout every nook and cranny. No more reaching in the back of your cupboards for one spice or a cooking bowl – custom storage solutions give every item in your kitchen a designated spot that is easy to access. You can set up your kitchen to be more efficient and easier to navigate. Your kitchen storage can be hidden or visible, depending upon your taste!

Cabinet Storage Ideas

  • Plate holders
  • Knife racks
  • Drawer organizers
  • Pull-out shelves
  • Door shelves
  • Specialty built shelves
  • Slide-out baskets
  • Integrated panels

 Large white kitchen with many hidden cabinet storage ideas throughout the perimeter of the kitchen

Design by Dee Maher of Kessebohmer

Custom cabinet storage ideas visibly shown in a large white kitchen designed by kessebohmer

Design by Dee Maher of Kessebohmer

This kitchen combines storage and lighting to the perfect degree. This kitchen is designed with a multitude of hidden storage features and proper lighting, making cleanup and entertaining very simple. Pull out spice racks are conveniently placed by the oven while drinks and snacks are intentionally placed outside of the cooking zone.

Kountry kraft cabinet storage ideas include drawers with plate organizers to avoid broken or cracked dishes

Designed by Samantha Petzrick Chinn, CKD of Petzrick Chinn Designs, LLC

This drawer features pegs which can be rearranged to organize dishes in neat stacks. This storage feature helps avoid broken and cracked dishes.

Cabinet storage ideas for pots and pans to avoid reaching and making a lot of noise

Design by Dee Maher of Kessebohmer

A pull-out shelf not only allows easy access, but also minimizes the noise associated with finding the right pot or pan.

Cabinet storage ideas include under counter refrigerator drawers which provide easy access while cooking or baking

Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

This island includes Sub-Zero and Wolf 24-inch stainless steel refrigerator drawers. Refrigerator drawers are the perfect alternative for a kitchen that does not have much room for a large refrigerator. Refrigerator drawers are also convenient for putting children’s snacks and drinks at a lower level – away from the cooking area of the kitchen.

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A custom home bar creates a unique space for you and your guests to relax. Some families incorporate their entertainment space into their kitchen, but many others like to keep their entertainment separate from the kitchen. Some prefer their home bar to be outside, and others prefer inside. Kountry Kraft can meet the demands of all types of customers, you can build a home bar with custom cabinets anywhere in your home. Our custom solutions allow flexibility with design opportunities. Home bars aren’t only made for entertaining, they can be a refuge – a place where you can unwind and relax after a day of work.

There are a couple things to consider when designing a home bar with custom cabinets.

  • Who is going to be using the space?
  • Will you be entertaining large crowds or small crowds?
  • What will you be storing at your home bar?
  • Will your home bar be outside or inside?
  • Do you need to incorporate a sink, or a mini fridge?

this custom home bar displays the family’s collectables while they aren’t being used

Designed by Tyler Hurst of Kountry Kraft

This butler’s pantry designed by Tyler Hurst, of Kountry Kraft, is in Enola, Pennsylvania. The Karamel Penn Line cabinets with a Van Dyke Glaze display the family’s fine glassware and collectables. Wine and stemware racks display the items and allow easy access when it comes time to entertain.

large custom home bar to display the clients exquisite wine and spirits collection

Designed by Kountry Kraft

The clients had a large collection of exquisite wines and wanted a custom home bar that displayed their assortment. Kountry Kraft designed this beautiful wine room that perfectly displays the impressive wine collection with ample room for guests to relax and taste some of the wines. The custom wine bottle chandelier adds a unique characteristic to the space that will wow guests.

custom home bar with custom cabinets to display the clients exquisite wine and spirits collection

Designed by Northfield Sales Company

A custom home bar in Baltimore, Maryland was designed by Northfield Sales Company. The black cabinet doors are complimented with gold handles to create an elegant look. A sliding ladder is available to use for high cabinets, there is a rail on either side of the hallway, so it can be moved from side to side.

Outdoor Custom Home Bar

Outdoor custom home bar with custom cabinets for a backyard in naples florida

Designed by Custom Solutions

The homeowners loved to entertain in the backyard of their home in Naples Florida. The outdoor entertainment area was complete with custom cabinetry to surround the outdoor kitchen appliances and seating area.

Custom cabinets can be used for any room of your home. Visit our Houzz Page for more design inspiration to create your own custom home bar.