Month: March 2022

When I made a case for green kitchen cabinets this past September, I recommended displaying large paint swatches against your existing cabinets to help you select the perfect shade. And while that was good advice at the time, now there’s an even easier option.

Allow me to introduce you to the new Kountry Kraft Color Studio Cabinet Color Visualizer.

Introducing the Kountry Kraft Color Studio

Let’s Get Acquainted

The Color Studio was designed to enhance and simplify the cabinet color selection process. Choose from 65 different paint color options to see displayed on a virtual showroom kitchen. And you can select different colors for your base, wall, and island cabinets in case you want to mix and match. That’s 195 different color combinations for you to choose from!


This virtual showroom kitchen color studio has 195 color combinations to choose from

How Do I Use the Cabinet Color Visualizer?

The paint swatches are displayed beneath the virtual showroom kitchen so you can easily scan the colors for ones that catch your eye. When you find one you like, click on the swatch and it will flip over to reveal the color, sheen, and wood type.

These flipping paint swatches allow you to see which colors catch your eye and put them to the test


As I mentioned, you can select different colors for the base, wall, and island cabinets. Select your paint color from the drop-down menu for each option, and then click the “VIEW” button. The virtual showroom kitchen will then apply your color selections so you can see what they would look like.

Drop downs to choose 3 color options to view in this virtual kitchen

Click “Clear Selection” and repeat the Cabinet Color Visualizer process until you find a combination you love!

I Could Use Some More Guidance

Of course, you’re always welcome to stop by and one of our Kountry Kraft experts would be happy to help you find the perfect paint color! Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you.

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