Month: April 2018

A designer’s dream kitchen consists of a mix of materials and products that a typical homeowner may not know exist. Being professionals in the industry, designers are exposed to a variety of design opportunities through a vast network of suppliers, trade organizations and their talented peers. Designer’s blend beauty, function, and durability when designing dream kitchens.

Designers are able to look at a kitchen space holistically and will offer space and organization options homeowners may not have considered.  A fresh set of eyes from a talented professional can transform a space many people could not have imagined.  Check out the extensive storage in the form of drawers that our client Stonington designed (see picture below). A professional does not just look at the layout of a room, they study every nook and cranny of the space. When a designer looks at an empty room, it is like a canvas with endless opportunities. Kitchen Designers have access to the most innovative products of the industry, allowing them to incorporate only the best products into a design. With all of that in mind, we highly recommend contacting a professional designer when planning your dream kitchen.

Must-Haves of a Designer’s Dream Kitchen:

a must have for a designers dream kitchen must include custom cabinetry

Design by Bradford Design in Alexandria, Virginia

Custom Cabinets – custom cabinets can achieve a certain look that stock cabinets cannot. Sometimes a space will have an awkward corner, and custom cabinets are able to fill that space. Also, with custom cabinetry designers can ultimately choose the exact color hue of their cabinets.

a designers dream kitchen must include a hidden range hood

Design by Stonington Cabinetry in Upper Montclair, New Jersey

Hidden Range Hoods – custom range hoods create the perfect focal point and can also blend seamlessly with the designer’s custom cabinetry.

a designers dream kitchen must include deep drawers with their custom cabinetry

Design by Stonington Cabinetry in Madison, New Jersey

Deep Drawers – to improve organization, designers trade out the usual lower cabinets for deep drawers for easy reach-in access for a pot or plate.

Based on the above list, Kountry Kraft can build a designer’s dream kitchen using their fine craftsmanship to create custom cabinets, deep drawers and hidden range hoods. Designers do not like to be limited, and at Kountry Kraft the choices are endless. We are always looking out for the latest and greatest in cabinetry solutions. Contact us today to get started on your dream kitchen

Having an uncluttered kitchen is one of the greatest things. Even though at times it may seem impossible to obtain. Kountry Kraft custom cabinetry offers endless custom storage options. Custom storage options help with any clutter and create a better use of space.

Custom Storage Options

Adding custom storage options in your kitchen can create a more functioning environment, and create optimal organization in your kitchen. Kountry Kraft offers endless storage options to meet your specific needs.

A hidden column looks like any ordinary column. But when you pull it out, it is equipped with racks. Adding your cleaning supplies into the hidden column pull-out rack, it allows the cabinet under the sink to be clutter free.

Pull Out Cleaning Rack and Other Custom Storage Options Are Used in this traditional Kitchen Design

The hidden pet drawer is perfect for any homeowners who love animals. But are tired of always tripping over their pets food and water bowls. This drawer can be utilized for your pet’s dishes. And when you want to feed your pet you simply open the drawer.

Pull Out Pet Drawer and Other Custom Storage Options Are Used in this traditional Kitchen Design

Watching TV while cooking is an effective way to past time or even learn how to cook from a show. When it comes to dinner, you want to focus on quality family time. By adding this hidden TV cabinet to your kitchen, you can create the option of having no distractions.

Hidden TV Cabinet and Other Custom Storage Options Are Used in this traditional Kitchen Design

Kountry Kraft can offer any of their storage cabinets and can create custom storage options to improve the functionality of your kitchen that meets your specific needs. Browse through our accessories page to see all the other storage and organization options we offer for your kitchen! Also visit our Houzz page to view our recently completed designs.

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