Month: January 2016

At Kountry Kraft we are proud to associate with an amazing custom kitchen designer network who are responsible for creating amazing designs with our cabinetry.  We are happy to feature one of those designers today – Stonington Cabinetry & Designs in Madison, NJ.   Like Kountry Kraft, Stonington has a strong family heritage, and was by four members of the family; parents Karen and Robert and sons, Justin and Tyler Sachs. Firstly, the company creates revolutionary home renovations and beautiful custom cabinetry work in homes throughout the northern New Jersey area.  Above all, they are craftsmen who stand by their commitment to building quality one-of-a-kind constructions that are an accurate expression of their customer – a philosophy which is very similar to our own.  They have been in business for more than 30 years.

Stonington Cabinetry

Over the years, Stonington has created some beautiful projects with our cabinetry, and we are pleased to highlight this beautiful kitchen and butler’s pantry designed by Justin Sachs for a home in Madison, NJ.  For example, this traditional style kitchen features cabinets with a White Dove painted finish. The kitchen island cabinets have a contrasting English Walnut stain.  The Door Panel Style is TW10.  The butler’s pantry adds additional storage for small appliances and food preparation space. We just love the clean look, open space, and warm feel of this design.

Overall, Stonington can create custom designs for all areas of your home, and has many satisfied customers.  You can view more of their projects and read reviews on their Houzz page, or visit their website for more information.  They are a member of the NKBA, have earned many Houzz badges for customer service and design, and are remarkable partners.

Finally, Kountry Kraft is proud to have a great custom kitchen designer network including the team at Stonington, and we welcome you to search our dealer locator to find one near you for your next project.

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Kountry Kraft offers custom cabinetry for business that provide functionality and storage capacity.  Our talented designers can develop cabinetry plans for every area in your office, including offices, conference rooms, employee break rooms, lobbies and storage areas.  Our custom cabinetry solutions for businesses feature the same, high quality craftsmanship available on every product we produce.

We have developed cabinetry for a wide variety of businesses, including offices, financial institutions, automobile showrooms, healthcare settings, schools, industrial facilities, garages and more.  One great example of our business customization abilities is the cabinetry we built for a natural stone and tile showroom.  Their business required storage for all the small sized samples they had on hand as well as an attractive way to display samples.  We built these custom cabinets with multiple small drawers, maximizing their space and allowing them to access and view
their samples more easily than deeper drawers would have allowed.



Another great example of our custom cabinetry for business can be see in this office board room.  Our designer created a clean and professional look for the room with ample cabinetry to store office supplies away from view, using space wisely and eliminating clutter.  A countertop and integrated refrigerator provides an area to serve lunches and refreshments during meetings without cluttering the boardroom table and distracting from important meeting business.  A beautiful built-in cabinet conceals a projection screen when not in use, eliminating the need to keep an old-fashioned rolled up projection screen in the corner of the room.  The cabinet provides a sleek and professional look to the space and can also conceal audio visual equipment.



This employee break room provides ample cabinetry to store shared supplies like plates, utensils, cutlery, wraps and foils.  It offers counter space for appliances such as coffee machines and toaster ovens.  The floor plan offers easy access to the refrigerator and a space for a microwave to be added.  The centralized countertop area opened up floor space in the room for multiple seating to allow employees to dine together or alone, depending

upon their personal choice.  The room can double as a gathering area for employee holiday parties and celebrations.

Just as with all of our cabinetry orders, businesses can choose from woods and laminates in a variety of finishes and door styles and many custom accessories to fit their personality and needs. Click here to view more of our custom cabinetry for business, and contact one of our dealers when you are ready to develop custom cabinetry solutions for your business.

Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Custom Cabinets -

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  You’ve spent the holidays entertaining family and friends, frustrated with your kitchen, struggling with your lack of storage, food preparation area, and serving space.  Now that it’s a new year – you are making good on your resolution to treat yourself to a new kitchen.  You find yourself on the internet searching Design My Kitchen – baffled with the options before you and ready to give up.

Planning a new kitchen can be an intimidating process.  You may know what you need but may not be aware of the universe of possibilities that will allow you to truly maximize your space and take advantage of all the latest advancements in cabinetry and appliances.  Trying to teach yourself everything you need to know can be a recipe for failure.  If you find yourself wondering how to know what style of wood to choose, or what finishes will accomplish the look you wish to achieve, solicit the help of a talented kitchen designer.

Certified kitchen designers make your kitchen redesign easier for you.  They can simplify the planning process and guide you carefully through the steps necessary to build the kitchen of your dreams.  They are knowledgeable about all of the options available to you, and can help you decide on the cabinets, finishes, layout, and options that best fit within your budget, and match the design of your home.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Alexandria, VA


Kitchen designers will develop the best possible layout using the latest in state-of-the-art kitchen planning software. They will manage all of the details behind the scenes – such as electrical needs, plumbing, carpentry, flooring, hardware, and more – to help bring your kitchen together as you have imagined.   They will truly design the space – so it is not only functional but a beautiful addition to your home.  They are trained professionals – with many hours of continuing education behind the designs they create.

You may be intimidated at the process of finding a designer, but it truly is simple.  Search for a reputable designer in your area either by asking your friends for references, or using the tools available to you on Houzz to find a professional in your area.  Make an appointment to see some of their designs, ask them for references and read reviews on Google+ or Houzz.  At Kountry Kraft we believe we have the most talented group of designers available – visit our dealer locator to find a dealer near you to get on your way to your new kitchen today!

Custom Cabinetry Accessories

At Kountry Kraft we pride ourselves in our ability to truly customize a kitchen to a homeowners specifications with a wide variety of custom cabinetry accessories.  Unlike semi-custom and stock cabinetry lines, our talented designers can work with homeowners to evaluate their lifestyle, and then unleash their creativity, developing some amazing customization options of which we are very proud.

One example of the amazing level of customization we can offer is this kitchen designed by our designers here at Kountry Kraft for a homeowner in Ephrata, PA.  The cabinetry style of this kitchen is transitional, and it features wall cabinets constructed from quarter sawn white oak and finished in our Silver Fox stain with black glaze. The base cabinets are constructed from hard maple, painted and then finished with Sable colored glaze. Hardware is supplied by Top Knobs, TK75BSN.

This kitchen is certainly beautiful, but the true customization can be found in the amazing finishing details hidden behind the doors and drawers.  This kitchen truly features a wide variety of our top features, adding a high level of functionality and organization to the space. Here is a summary of a few of the most interesting features – you can scroll through the images in the slideshow below to see photos of each:

  • Opening the drawer under the stove reveals two drawers in one – one to hold pots and the other specifically designed to hold lids.
  • The utensil drawer also has 3 tiers to maximize storage and minimize clutter, safely storing knives away from other utensils.
  • The corner pullout maximizes space in a hard to reach section of the kitchen, giving you much needed storage area for larger appliances like toasters and food processors and enabling you to clear the countertop clutter.
  • A cleaning caddy conveniently stored under the sink keeps all of your household cleaners neatly organized.
  • Because the kitchen often serves as the business center of the home, we have added a filing drawer and a truly customized message center that closes away from view when not in use.
  • An integrated computer monitor or television cabinet allows you the opportunity to close the cabinet door when you want to conceal the screen.

Follow us on Houzz to see photography of more of our custom cabinetry accessories. Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you and begin planning your very own custom kitchen storage cabinets.