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Why are custom cabinets better than stock cabinets? In short, they offer personalized design and are built with superior materials and construction techniques.

Too short? Here’s an in-depth explanation of the differences between custom and stock cabinets and why custom cabinets are better.

Custom vs Stock Cabinets

Custom Cabinets vs Stock Cabinets
(left) Design by True North Cabinets Using Kountry Kraft Custom Cabinetry

What Are Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinets are built to your home’s exact measurements instead of a standard size. They also offer greater opportunity for personalization with more styles, shapes, and finishes to choose from. Skilled craftsmen build them to your specifications using superior techniques and materials that can’t be replicated on an assembly line.

What Are Stock Cabinets?

Stock cabinets are manufactured to standard sizes in a select number of styles and finishes that cannot be altered. They are already built at the time of order. This allows for a quick turnaround time but also means they may not fit your kitchen’s exact dimensions, creating awkward gaps or ‘dead space.’

Benefits of Custom Cabinets

So why are our cabinets better than stock cabinets? Let’s explore the three main pros of having custom cabinetry:

Design by Wydian Kitchen & Bath

Personalized Style & Design

The sky’s the limit when it comes to style and design choices for Kountry Kraft cabinets. If you already have an idea in mind, a custom design allows an experienced professional to translate it from a dream into a reality. They are also incredibly useful when attempting to create a design that’s cohesive with the rest of the house. Or, maybe you’re just looking for something that’s unique to your home. Whatever your motivation, the main takeaway is that you won’t have to compromise your vision.

Optimized Storage in Custom Cabinetry
Design by Brian J. McGarry Interiors

Optimized Storage

Custom cabinets optimize storage by using all available space and offering organization solutions. We’ve already discussed how the cabinets eliminate so-called ‘dead space.’ This isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing benefit. Custom cabinets transform that otherwise wasted space into functional storage. They also allow you to incorporate organization solutions like a pull-out spice rack, plate holders, or specialty shelving for cookbooks and knickknacks.

Lifetime Construction

Lifetime Construction

Kountry Kraft cabinets are built to last. Skilled craftsmen use quality construction methods, like dovetail joints, that are long-lasting and cannot be replicated on an assembly line. In contrast, stock cabinets are held together with staples, nails, or screws and are not given the same individual attention that our cabinets receive.

Our cabinets are also generally built with higher-grade materials, increasing their lifespan. With the investment of the craftsmen’s time and skill, an investment in the best material will be made as well.

Budget Considerations

Are Custom Cabinets More Expensive?

Yes, custom cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets. The increased cost is a result of the craftsmen’s time and skill needed to build them and the upgrade in construction materials.

Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Knowing custom cabinets cost more than stock cabinets, just one question remains: Are they worth it? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding YES!

As we just learned, the increased expense results from an increase of quality craftsmanship and materials. The upfront investment will save you the expense (and headache) of replacing cabinets down the road. Paired with their virtually unlimited style and design options? The verdict is clear—custom cabinets are well worth it.

Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

Kountry Kraft is a family-owned business that has specialized in cabinet manufacturing since the mid-1900s. We would love the opportunity to bring your cabinet dreams to life! Please contact one of our design experts today to get started.

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Built In Vanity Bathroom Design
Designed by D&B Elite Construction Group

Built in bathroom vanities come with the dual benefit of fitting your exact space and offering storage customized to your specific needs. So what do you need to consider when planning out a built in vanity bathroom design? Let’s take a look.

One Sink, or Two?

Almost every homeowner prefers two sinks if possible. However, the size of the bathroom usually answers this question. Some smaller bathrooms can’t accommodate a vanity wider than 60 inches, limiting them to one sink. On the other hand, some larger bathrooms need two sinks (and possibly two vanities) so the space doesn’t feel empty. Identifying how many sinks you need is crucial to the next step—determining layout.

Two Sink Built In Bathroom Vanity
Design by TRK Design Company

Vanity Placement

If you only need one sink, determining the layout is as simple as deciding where the one vanity will go and how wide it should be. If you need two sinks, there are more options. Consider one wider vanity that can house two sinks if the bathroom isn’t excessively large. If it is, you’ll probably want two large vanities that house one sink each. Common layouts for two vanities are the galley—where the vanities are on opposite walls and separated by a walkway—and the L shape—where, you guessed it, the vanities form an L against two adjacent walls.

Vanity Placement
Designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft Inc.


Vanities can have drawers, cabinets, or a combination of both. Everyone has different storage needs, so think about which option would work best for you. If the bathroom lacks a linen closet, cabinets with shelving for towels could be beneficial. Or, if you have lots of beauty products and styling tools, drawers might be the way to go.


Now that the big things are out of the way, you can move on to the fun part—style. If your tastes trend towards modern, you can’t go wrong with slab doors on a floating vanity (aka, wall mounted with open space underneath). If you prefer traditional, I’d recommend a stained wood finish with more detailed doors. For a transitional design, try combining your favorite elements of each style, such as the modern slab door with a more traditional wood finish.

Bathroom Design Style
Designed by True North Cabinets

Let Us Help!

Crafting and installing a built in bathroom vanity is a project best left to the pros. Contact one of our design experts today to get started! Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more bathroom design inspiration.


Do you want to design the walk-in closet you dreamed about as a little girl? It can be a bit overwhelming if you’re starting with four bare walls, but never fear! Let’s take a look at the top things you should consider when creating a custom walk-in closet design.

Creating a Focal Point

You want your walk-in closet to be pretty and functional. Create a focal point on the wall opposite the entry by centering built-in drawers and flanking them with two symmetrical hanging areas. Or, if you need more drawers than hanging space, reverse the design. It’s a simple detail that might not seem like much, but I promise this layout is much more eye-pleasing than a mishmash of random storage units. And it’ll be the first thing you see when you step into the closet.

Hanging Areas

To make the most effective use of space, include a combination of mid and large-size hanging areas in your design. Mid-size areas will store items like shirts and pants while large-size areas will hold longer items like dresses, skirts, and robes. This will eliminate the dead space created by hanging mid-size items in large-size spaces.

To figure out how many mid and large-size hanging spaces you’ll need, take inventory of all the items you’ll want to hang and go from there. Bonus tip: use adjustable rods so your closet can adapt to any changes in your wardrobe.


Shoe Storage

A lot of people—myself included—have tried various shoe organizers and, despite good intentions, ended up with a pile of shoes on the floor. The trick I’ve found? Place shallow shelving near your closet door so it’s easy to grab a pair on the go and (crucially) put them back at the end of the day. The shallow unit ensures all of your shoes will be visible and easily accessible in single-depth rows and will make the entryway feel more open and spacious.


Use the Whole Wall

Don’t discount high shelving because it’s difficult to reach. Make sure everything you frequently wear, or use is easily accessible, of course. But use those top shelves for things like seasonal items, extra bedding, luggage, etc. Simply keep a step stool tucked away so you can access them when needed.

3-Way-Mirror in a Custom Walk-In Closet

What Custom Features Do You Want?

A pull-out laundry hamper? Organization inserts for drawers? Display storage for your favorite items? Our design experts can make any closet wish come true. Contact us to get started on your custom walk-in closet design and follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more design inspiration!

Why-Choose-Custom-Cabinetry white cabinetry

Photography by Hudson Creative Productions, LLC | Kitchen Design by Joan Bigg Design, LLC

Even though custom cabinetry comes with a bigger price tag than stock cabinets, a lot of homeowners decide that it’s worth the investment. Let me help you answer the question – why choose custom cabinetry?

Complete Control

For my fellow control freaks and perfectionists out there, custom cabinetry gives you exactly what you want. No compromises. No nagging little imperfections. Nothing but exactly what you envisioned. Gain complete control over layout, materials, style, finishes, hardware—everything.


Photography by Third Shift Photography | Kitchen Design by Evalia Design, LLC

Superior Quality

Custom cabinets are hand-built by master craftsmen using superior techniques that just can’t be replicated with mass production. Whereas you’ll find glue, screws, and nails in stock cabinets, craftsmen will use dowel, dovetail, or mortise and tenon joints. Aka, they’ll skillfully fit wood grooves together for a construction that’s both sturdier and more beautiful.

And, with all the effort that goes into custom builds, you’ll receive top-notch quality materials too. Instead of cheap particle board that will wear in a few years, custom cabinets will be built with quality wood that will last a lifetime.

Avoid Dead Space

Stock cabinets are designed for stock spaces. If your room has any kind of unique characteristic (most do, especially older homes), you’ll probably end up with some dead space if you try to use stock cabinetry. Custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications, so you won’t end up with this so-called dead space. Instead, you’ll be able to make every part of your room useful and functional.


Kitchen Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Design


Yes, custom cabinetry is an investment, but they are the better value for money in the long run. What’s most impressive to me is that people I talk to still stand by their decision that custom was worth the investment, even years later. Did I help you answer the question – why choose custom cabinetry?

If you’re interested in learning more about custom cabinetry, please contact us and one of our design experts would be happy to discuss how to translate your vision and needs into reality. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more design inspiration!

No matter your situation, custom cabinets for your home office should be on your radar.

Are you looking to upgrade the temporary home office setup you threw together at the start of Covid with something a bit more intentional and permanent? Or maybe you’ve had a home office for a while and want to give it a facelift with improved functionality. No matter your situation, custom cabinets for your home office should be on your radar. Let me tell you why.


The office space should be a room that you actually want to be in. An aesthetically pleasing office encourages productivity and makes you want to sit down and say, “Let’s get this done.” Conversely, a bare-bones office reminiscent of the dreaded cubicle will have you dragging your feet to avoid the area.

When considering your aesthetically pleasing design, office cabinetry should be the first thing on your radar because it has the largest visual impact due to its size. Imagine walking into your office space and seeing a wall of custom built-ins behind an organized desk. Now imagine lining up a few filing cabinets along a wall. There is just simply no comparison.

White Home Office with Kountry Kraft cabinetry

Design by Thomas R. Kelly of TRK Design Company


Form Meets Function

An office needs storage not only as a matter of function, but also to keep it clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Like I said, not only are filing cabinets not as pretty as custom office storage, but they often aren’t even adequate to store everything. Custom built-ins give you all the hidden storage you could ever need, plus bonus open shelving to display things like books, photos, certificates, and knick knacks—anything that will make you smile when you look up during a break from work.

Rustic home office with Kountry Kraft cabinetry

Design by Mike Hinkle of Hinkle Custom Cabinets

Feeling Inspired?

Are you ready to transform your office space? Kountry Kraft’s design experts are standing by to help you decide what the best fit would be for your space. Find a dealer near you and follow @kountrykraftcabinetry for more design inspiration.



Design by Wydian Kitchens & Design

Time and time again I see homeowners question whether or not they should include a kitchen island in their renovation. My response? A custom island is one of the best investments you can make not just for your kitchen, but for your entire home. Let’s check out why this cabinetry feature is so desirable and why custom is the way to go.


A kitchen island will meet literally any need you have. Extra storage for pots, pans, and cookbooks? Yup. More counter space for meal prep? You got it. Additional seating for guests? Absolutely. I think you get the picture.

Island Design by Dovetailed Kitchens

Kitchen Design by Dovetailed Kitchens Inc.

A Central Hub

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home, and a kitchen island creates a central hub for everyone to gather around. Whether the kids are doing homework while the adults cook or guests are enjoying a glass of wine and appetizer spread while you host a dinner party, the kitchen island will be at the center of it all.


Notice that I specified ‘custom’ kitchen islands. The biggest factor in that reasoning is proportions. A kitchen island needs to fit your space, or it won’t look or feel right. Many people worry about it being too large and dominating the space, but one that is too small can be just as troublesome. A custom kitchen island will be crafted to fit your exact space so the proportions will be perfect.

Alpine white painted cabinets

Design by Justin Sachs of Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Design Details

The other benefit of custom is that it will suit your exact style. Don’t settle for a stock design. Make it your own with custom kitchen island cabinets, countertops, seating, and features.

Start Building Yours

If you’re ready to start designing your own custom kitchen island, Kountry Kraft’s design experts are standing by to help you decide what the best fit would be for your space. Find a dealer near you and follow @kountrykraftcabinetry for more design inspiration.

Explore some ideas for must-have bathroom cabinet features.

So, you’re revamping your bathroom—congratulations! Before you get swept up in choosing pretty things, I’d recommend figuring out the functional aspects of your design first. And, as I’ve said so often, cabinets are the foundation of function. That’s why today I want to dive in and explore what any professional designer will tell you are must-have bathroom cabinet features.

In-Drawer Outlets

If I could recommend only one bathroom cabinet feature, it would be in-drawer outlets. They are exactly what their name suggests—outlets hidden inside a cabinet instead of being visible on the wall. While they enhance the beauty of any design by keeping this purely functional item out of sight, they are especially impactful if you want to install tile behind your vanity so that it remains a stunning, unbroken focal point. In-drawer outlets can also help keep electronics such as toothbrushes and razors off the counter.

Specialized Storage

Ladies, do your hair styling tools ever end up cluttering the vanity because it’s just too much of a hassle to put them away every morning? Solve that problem with a specialized pull-out drawer that has custom slots for all your tools. (This is also a great feature to combo with in-drawer outlets so everything’s in one place.) Or maybe you’d be interested in a hidden laundry hamper. Take advantage of custom cabinetry to create cabinets specific to your needs.

Must-have specialized pull-out drawer with custom slots

Towel Storage

This bathroom cabinet feature is especially important if you don’t have a linen closet in your bathroom. Towel storage can take all types of different forms, from open display shelving to floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The choice largely comes down to preference, but the important thing to check is that you’re including enough storage for all your towels. While this seems like common sense, you’d be surprised how many people end up running out of room after laundry day.

Must-have open display shelving for bath towels

What Do You Think?

Do you agree that these are must-have bathroom cabinet features? If any of them are calling to you, visit a Kountry Kraft dealer near you so our experts can get to work on delivering the bathroom cabinets of your dreams!

For more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram @KountryKraft.

Featured Designs by Stacy Nawoj of Pinnacle Kitchens.

Learn how to choose the right kitchen designer for your needs!

Custom kitchen cabinets are an important part of any home improvement project. They’re also a great way to add value to your home while improving its functionality. Finding a designer that understands the nuances and complexities of designing custom cabinetry is paramount to a successful design. This blog will assist you on how to find a custom kitchen designer.

Start with a Budget

Before you start shopping for custom kitchen cabinets, make sure you have a budget in mind. You’ll need to consider things like materials, labor costs, design options, and more. When speaking to design firms this will help you eliminate those outside your budget.

Do Some Research

If you’re looking for a designer who specializes in custom cabinetry, there are several ways to find them. Check out our Find a Dealer page to see if there is an authorized Kountry Kraft designer near you.  If there is no designer in your area listed on our website, check with local trade organizations such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).  Look for a designer-certified CMKBD assuring they have completed the appropriate training to design your project. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) also has members skilled in this area. These groups often list members by location. Next, search online using terms like “kitchen cabinet designers” or “cabinet maker.” Finally, ask friends and family for recommendations.

Oven drawers in custom Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs; Photography by Chris Veith

Hire a Professional

You’ll need to hire a professional to design your new kitchen. This includes choosing materials, designing the layout, and installing the cabinets. It’s also important to consider the size of your space when selecting a designer. Smaller spaces require more attention to detail than larger rooms, as every inch counts.  Good luck with your search and if you need inspiration, download our brochure!

Explore some ideas for cabinet upgrades during renovation.

Did the halfway marker for 2022 sneak up on anyone else? I feel like the year has flown by! On the bright side, we now have enough dataㅡgraciously collected and reported by the 2022 US Houzz Kitchen Trends Studyㅡto discern the year’s hottest kitchen trends. The big takeaway? 65% of renovating homeowners replaced all their kitchen cabinets. Let’s explore these cabinet upgrades during renovation.

Replace Kitchen Cabinets

About two in three homeowners replaced all of their kitchen cabinets. Compound that with 29% of homeowners choosing various degrees of partial cabinet replacement and the result is that 94% chose to upgrade their cabinets as part of their kitchen renovation.

That’s a staggering number, but not wholly unexpected. Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest visual elements of a kitchen design, and arguably the most important functional element too. It makes sense that homeowners gave them their due attention.

Going Custom

With so many homeowners deciding that replacing kitchen cabinets was worth the investment, it makes sense that they made sure they got exactly what they wanted. 43% of homeowners chose custom cabinetry, with an additional 35% selecting semi-custom cabinets so that they fit each unique space perfectly. Only 21% chose stock or ready-to-assemble cabinets.

A new trend in 2022 is going custom with cabinets during renovation.

Replacement Styles & Color

Trends in style and color didn’t change much in 2022. Shaker style doors dominated again with 64% of homeowners selecting this style. White was also clearly the favorite cabinet color again, bringing in 41% of the vote. An interesting note though: if you combine the wood tones, they make up 19% of the vote, meaning nearly 1 in 5 homeowners opted for wood cabinets.

2022 Isn’t Over Yet

There’s still time to start your 2022 kitchen renovation and get in on these trends! Replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops is a big deal, so visit a Kountry Kraft dealer near you and our experts will help walk you through the design process. Follow @kountrykraftcabinetry for more kitchen design inspiration.

Kitchen design finished in hale navy cabinetry.

Kitchen by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith 

Today I’m singing the blues—Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy blue, to be exact. This beautiful shade of navy continues to be a favorite amongst designers because of its incredible versatility, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets (seriously, it goes with everything). Let’s take a look at why this color will work for almost any design and explore some different options for hale navy custom cabinetry. 

Warm or Cool? 

One of the biggest reasons Hale navy is so versatile is because it’s a transitional color. This means it has both warm and cool undertones. Additionally, it will look just as at home paired with nickel and Coventry Gray as it will with brass and White Dove, both listed as hale navy coordinating colors by Benjamin Moore. 

Works with Any Design 

No matter what type of design you’re going for, hale navy will fit right in. Its merits for a modern or transitional kitchen are pretty obvious, but it would also look stunning in a traditional design. Hale navy’s deep, rich jewel tone was inspired by the luxury of England’s royalty during the Victorian Era, so it can be used in a more traditional design without looking out of place. 

Rich jewel tone blue, inspired by the luxury of England’s royalty in the Victorian Era.

Kitchen by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs | Photography by Chris Veith 

Design Tips 

Now that we understand why hale navy kitchen cabinets will work for almost anyone, let’s talk about some different design options. If you choose to paint all your kitchen cabinets hale navy, I’d recommend contrasting them with a white countertop and backsplash. Continue the contrast with a light paint color for the walls to keep the room feeling open and bright.  

If committing to all navy cabinets seems too overwhelming, a subtler option is a hale navy accent island paired with a neutral color for the rest of your cabinets. Remember to check out the coordinating color list when going over your options! 

Need a Second Opinion? 

Let one of our design experts review colors with you so you can feel confident in your selection! Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you. For more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram @KountryKraft.