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  • Kitchen Bookshelf Ideas | Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

    We all have that random pile of books in our kitchen, and constantly looking at kitchen bookshelf ideas for different ways to organize them. Kountry Kraft has crafted many different types of bookshelves for kitchens, whether they are open shelves or behind frosted doors; we’ve seen them all! A kitchen bookshelf can add the perfect […]

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  • Kountry Kraft Handcrafted Cabinets | Newmanstown, PA

    Kountry Kraft has been a leading manufacturer of handcrafted cabinets since 1959. Located in the heart of Pennsylvania, the highly skilled craftsmen are valued for their talent that has been passed through generations. Starting at the beginning stages of assembly, all the way through to quality inspection, each project is ensured to be delivered on […]

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  • Trout Design Studio | A Kountry Kraft Cabinet Dealer

    Trout Design Studio is a full-service interior design studio that focuses particularly on high end designs. The team at Trout Design Studio works on both residential and commercial properties, specializing in the finest quality and uniquely designed spaces. The designers pay special attention to the smallest details in a room, making sure to compliment every […]

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  • Kountry Kraft Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends

    Kitchen cabinet styles and trends are constantly changing; however, your cabinets will always reflect your own personal taste. No matter what the current trend is, your cabinets are going to be made to match your own aesthetic. Cabinets play a huge role in your kitchen’s appearance and functionality and Kounrty Kraft’s goal is to create […]

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