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Kitchen cabinet hardware ideas can help complete the look of your space. Whether you want unique or subtle cabinet hardware, Kountry Kraft offers a variety of cabinet hardware to match your personal taste.

Cabinet Hardware Ideas – Cliffside

Cliffside Industries offers two flagship hardware lines: solid brass and Cliffside Choice zinc. Many popular items and finishes are duplicated in both materials to allow a selection of price level. Traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles are available in up to eight finishes in zinc and ten in solid brass. The distinctions between the two products are a mild change in density and different manufacturing processes.

For marine climates (beachfront homes, etc.), Cliffside recommends solid brass or stainless steel materials. For all other locations, either product material should be sufficient if the product care instructions are followed. Cliffside’s brass and zinc hardware lines are finished to the same exacting standards and are designed to coordinate with our hinge line; however, minute variations in finish shading may occur between materials due to the color of the underlying metal (brass material is a gold color, while zinc is white). As always, antique finishes will vary from lot to lot regardless of material but remain within an acceptable range.

Top 10 Popular Hardware Finishes

These are the top 10 popular hardware finishes from Cliffside’s signature lines. Choose which color you like the most, and we will incorporate it into your custom cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinet hardware ideas will add a personal touch to your Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

Visit the cliffside website to choose the cabinet hardware that will add a personal touch to your Kountry Kraft cabinets. Browse our accessories page to see how you can incorporate organization into your cabinets as well.

Dee Funk May 16, 2017