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Blanket wrapped cabinets, brought to you by Cupboard Wagon. Cupboard Wagon always ensures safe delivery with the furniture they carry. We were in AWE when we saw these blanket wrapped cabinets – wrapped so perfectly and lined up in a row, waiting to be loaded onto the truck.

About Cupboard Wagon

Cupboard Wagon was discovered in 2003 for a purpose to guarantee furniture is delivered safely. The men of Cupboard Wagon use specialized moving equipment to transfer cabinets from the factory to the truck and from the truck into your home. Safe delivery requires many steps such as; product pick-up, Warehouse, en route for delivery, and destination arrival / delivery – and making sure the product is safe every step of the way! The photo above shows the cabinets getting ready to go out for delivery!

cupboard wagon

cupboard wagon


Kountry Kraft’s custom product is blanket wrapped and delivered straight to the client’s home.  Each cabinet is wrapped in blankets like a fine piece of furniture should be. Wrapping the cabinetry in blankets allows the product to be inspected immediately when it arrives on the job site. The blankets are also a “green” way to protect our furniture – no packaging waste to discard. After the furniture is wrapped in the blanket, it is then secured with green elastic bands – making this process Eco-friendly!

After safe delivery, all blankets are folded in the same direction and stacked perfectly on a skid ready to be used again. They ensure the blanket are stacked so perfectly that they stay put, even while the truck is in motion!

Kountry Kraft is proud to be a partner with Cupboard Wagon! Learn more about Cupboard Wagon by clicking here!

Dee Funk March 17, 2023