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Built In Vanity Bathroom Design
Designed by D&B Elite Construction Group

Built in bathroom vanities come with the dual benefit of fitting your exact space and offering storage customized to your specific needs. So what do you need to consider when planning out a built in vanity bathroom design? Let’s take a look.

One Sink, or Two?

Almost every homeowner prefers two sinks if possible. However, the size of the bathroom usually answers this question. Some smaller bathrooms can’t accommodate a vanity wider than 60 inches, limiting them to one sink. On the other hand, some larger bathrooms need two sinks (and possibly two vanities) so the space doesn’t feel empty. Identifying how many sinks you need is crucial to the next step—determining layout.

Two Sink Built In Bathroom Vanity
Design by TRK Design Company

Vanity Placement

If you only need one sink, determining the layout is as simple as deciding where the one vanity will go and how wide it should be. If you need two sinks, there are more options. Consider one wider vanity that can house two sinks if the bathroom isn’t excessively large. If it is, you’ll probably want two large vanities that house one sink each. Common layouts for two vanities are the galley—where the vanities are on opposite walls and separated by a walkway—and the L shape—where, you guessed it, the vanities form an L against two adjacent walls.

Vanity Placement
Designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft Inc.


Vanities can have drawers, cabinets, or a combination of both. Everyone has different storage needs, so think about which option would work best for you. If the bathroom lacks a linen closet, cabinets with shelving for towels could be beneficial. Or, if you have lots of beauty products and styling tools, drawers might be the way to go.


Now that the big things are out of the way, you can move on to the fun part—style. If your tastes trend towards modern, you can’t go wrong with slab doors on a floating vanity (aka, wall mounted with open space underneath). If you prefer traditional, I’d recommend a stained wood finish with more detailed doors. For a transitional design, try combining your favorite elements of each style, such as the modern slab door with a more traditional wood finish.

Bathroom Design Style
Designed by True North Cabinets

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Dee Funk December 5, 2022