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Kountry Kraft cabinetry is truly custom, and each one of our projects look completely different from the next when you combine our vast offering of door styles, overlays, edge profiles, framing beads, wood type, paints and finishes.  It can be hard to determine which of our cabinet styles to choose, but the best way to start is by selecting the cabinet styles that fit your design from our five most popular cabinet style options:

Beaded Inset

Beaded inset cabinetry features a bead around the edge for a decorative effect.  This allows the door and drawer style you select to stand out in your design.  It is not available with a door overlay.  It is most popular in traditional and transitional style kitchens, and you can configure it with any edge profile, bead, hinge and drawer style.

Penn Line

Penn Line features a 3/8” inset-lipped door overlay.  There is no framing bead or raise available with this style of cabinetry.  It is most popular in transitional and contemporary designs.  One common combination is to pair this cabinet style with our CRP door style


This cabinet style features a full overlay, to allow the door style to take center stage.  In this style of cabinetry, the cabinet does not show through – it is fully covered by the door and drawer.  It can feature a bead and a raise and is most popular in contemporary and modern style designs.  It typically pairs with the purity door style and full door overlay.


The Cambridge cabinet style does not feature a door overlay.  It can be used with any of our framing beads and edge profiles.  It is most popular in traditional and transitional designs and most often pairs with the CRP10, CRP10161 and CRP10797 door styles.

Inset/No Bead

In this style of custom cabinetry, doors are inset with no overlay.  Because there is no door overlay, the door lays flush with the cabinetry.  It can also be with any of our edge profiles, framing beads and raises, and is most popular in traditional and transition style design.  This cabinet style typically pairs with the Amesbury and CRP10 door styles, but can be with any of our styles.

Kountry Kraft offers other cabinet styles in addition to these, and one of our talented kitchen designers can help you determine which of our cabinet styles is right for your next custom cabinetry project.   Overall, they will show you visual examples of each style paired with our wood options, door styles and beads, and will work with you to narrow down the options to accomplish all of your design goals.

Dee Funk March 8, 2023