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Photography by Hudson Creative Productions, LLC | Kitchen Design by Joan Bigg Design, LLC

Even though custom cabinetry comes with a bigger price tag than stock cabinets, a lot of homeowners decide that it’s worth the investment. Let me help you answer the question – why choose custom cabinetry?

Complete Control

For my fellow control freaks and perfectionists out there, custom cabinetry gives you exactly what you want. No compromises. No nagging little imperfections. Nothing but exactly what you envisioned. Gain complete control over layout, materials, style, finishes, hardware—everything.


Photography by Third Shift Photography | Kitchen Design by Evalia Design, LLC

Superior Quality

Custom cabinets are hand-built by master craftsmen using superior techniques that just can’t be replicated with mass production. Whereas you’ll find glue, screws, and nails in stock cabinets, craftsmen will use dowel, dovetail, or mortise and tenon joints. Aka, they’ll skillfully fit wood grooves together for a construction that’s both sturdier and more beautiful.

And, with all the effort that goes into custom builds, you’ll receive top-notch quality materials too. Instead of cheap particle board that will wear in a few years, custom cabinets will be built with quality wood that will last a lifetime.

Avoid Dead Space

Stock cabinets are designed for stock spaces. If your room has any kind of unique characteristic (most do, especially older homes), you’ll probably end up with some dead space if you try to use stock cabinetry. Custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications, so you won’t end up with this so-called dead space. Instead, you’ll be able to make every part of your room useful and functional.


Kitchen Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Design


Yes, custom cabinetry is an investment, but they are the better value for money in the long run. What’s most impressive to me is that people I talk to still stand by their decision that custom was worth the investment, even years later. Did I help you answer the question – why choose custom cabinetry?

If you’re interested in learning more about custom cabinetry, please contact us and one of our design experts would be happy to discuss how to translate your vision and needs into reality. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more design inspiration!

Dee Funk October 5, 2022