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craftsmanshipAdding custom kitchen cabinetry to your home is a big investment, and for some it is something they will do only once in their lifetime.  Making such a big commitment means you will want to make sure you are choosing a skilled cabinet designer who is knowledgeable and will listen to what you want.  Finding that person requires careful research and investigation.  Here are some basic tips to finding the right cabinet designer for you:

  1. Start by getting an idea of what you want – You know your kitchen isn’t working for you – now is the time to sit down to determine what you need to make your space more functional. Do you need storage?  Do you want a space that doubles as a working kitchen and an entertainment space?  Is having a high-tech kitchen important to you?  Knowing what you want and need is an important part of the process.  Visit and start your own idea books, pinning designs you like to help get your creativity flowing.
  2. Understand the process – a kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking. Be prepared to have your kitchen completely demolished and rebuilt.  This does not take a week, and depending on the amount of work being done could take several months.  Research the process, watch videos, and get a realistic sense for the work that will be involved.
  3. Ask for recommendations – while you can’t rely solely on recommendations from friends, having cabinet designer recommendations is helpful in narrowing down the pool of available options – and may help you know what and who to avoid.
  4. Search for professionals on Houzz – not only is Houzz a great place to get design ideas – it’s also a great place to search for professionals in your area, read reviews, and look at their designs to see if their style matches your own. Does a designer keep up with the style and trends? This will be important to know that you are getting the most current design and technology that will last for years to come.
  5. Do your homework – when you’ve narrowed down a short list of designer, make appointments to meet them and go see their work in person. Ask for references, and check them.  Find out how long they’ve been in business, how many kitchens they design in a year, and their certifications so you have a sense of their skill level and experience.

Next Steps

Once you’ve selected a cabinet designer the next step is to set up an initial consultation.   You’ll want to find a designer who makes time for you, answers all of your questions, and meets face-to-face to discuss your project.  This is like a job interview – and should leave you feeling secure in knowing that the designer you’ve selected can handle your project with expertise.  If you leave that meeting with any doubts, then it will be best to choose another professional from your list.

Our Team

At Kountry Kraft we are proud of the incredibly talented group of cabinet designers we work with.  We have added a dealer locator to our website to make it simple to search by zip code for a designer near you.   We also feature photos of real designs our dealers have created in our website gallery as well as on our Houzz page, to give you glimpse of some of the amazing work cabinet designers have done with our custom cabinetry.

Building a custom kitchen can be a daunting task – but with the help of a talented kitchen designer it can be a very rewarding experience, and one that will add to the function and comfort of your home.

Dee Funk March 8, 2023