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Kountry Kraft offers custom cabinetry for business that provide functionality and storage capacity.  Our talented designers can develop cabinetry plans for every area in your office, including offices, conference rooms, employee break rooms, lobbies and storage areas.  Our custom cabinetry solutions for businesses feature the same, high quality craftsmanship available on every product we produce.

We have developed cabinetry for a wide variety of businesses, including offices, financial institutions, automobile showrooms, healthcare settings, schools, industrial facilities, garages and more.  One great example of our business customization abilities is the cabinetry we built for a natural stone and tile showroom.  Their business required storage for all the small sized samples they had on hand as well as an attractive way to display samples.  We built these custom cabinets with multiple small drawers, maximizing their space and allowing them to access and view
their samples more easily than deeper drawers would have allowed.



Another great example of our custom cabinetry for business can be see in this office board room.  Our designer created a clean and professional look for the room with ample cabinetry to store office supplies away from view, using space wisely and eliminating clutter.  A countertop and integrated refrigerator provides an area to serve lunches and refreshments during meetings without cluttering the boardroom table and distracting from important meeting business.  A beautiful built-in cabinet conceals a projection screen when not in use, eliminating the need to keep an old-fashioned rolled up projection screen in the corner of the room.  The cabinet provides a sleek and professional look to the space and can also conceal audio visual equipment.



This employee break room provides ample cabinetry to store shared supplies like plates, utensils, cutlery, wraps and foils.  It offers counter space for appliances such as coffee machines and toaster ovens.  The floor plan offers easy access to the refrigerator and a space for a microwave to be added.  The centralized countertop area opened up floor space in the room for multiple seating to allow employees to dine together or alone, depending

upon their personal choice.  The room can double as a gathering area for employee holiday parties and celebrations.

Just as with all of our cabinetry orders, businesses can choose from woods and laminates in a variety of finishes and door styles and many custom accessories to fit their personality and needs. Click here to view more of our custom cabinetry for business, and contact one of our dealers when you are ready to develop custom cabinetry solutions for your business.

Dee Funk March 20, 2023