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Many people believe that custom cabinetry is only useful in large spaces where there is plenty of room to expand.  Or they mistakenly believe they must have a big area to do a renovation that involves custom cabinetry.  But the truth is, custom cabinetry is ideal for small spaces where you need to use every inch of space effectively to create a functional room.  Custom Cabinets for Small Spaces, with accessories designed to maximize your space, can truly make a difference in a home.

At Kountry Kraft we have the ability to truly customize cabinetry to the homeowners exact needs.  Working with one of our talented designers, you can analyze your lifestyle, map your space, and build custom cabinets that fit exactly within the space you have available.  If you have a small space with high ceilings, you can add floor to ceiling cabinetry to maximize your space.  If you have an odd corner where stock cabinetry cannot fit, our skilled designers can make that a usable space.  If countertop space is a challenge, we can build an appliance garage that takes small appliances off the counter and tucks them away neatly for future use.  Custom cabinetry for small spaces can make the most out of the existing space in your room.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas PA

We also offer a wide variety of accessories that can maximize your space.  Our base pull-out storage cabinets, wooden spice racks, pantries with food file racks, double level cutlery drawers and pull out cutting boards are just a few items that can provide maximum impact within a minimal space.  The images above demonstrate a few of ideas for custom cabinetry for small spaces. Many other options are available – and special accessories can be built especially to suit your needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with painted and glazed finish

If you have a small space, it is worthwhile to speak to a skilled kitchen designer for an estimate on adding custom cabinetry for small spaces to your home.  Why choose stock cabinetry when it won’t effectively use the space you have available?  Visit our dealer locator to find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you, and check out some of our Houzz projects for design inspirations.







Dee Funk March 20, 2023