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Why We Dovetail Our Boxes

Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Custom Cabinets -

At Kountry Kraft, we take our commitment to producing high quality custom cabinets very seriously.  We employ skilled craftsmen who collectively have 1500 combined years of experience and their expertise is evident in the fine details that can be found in every one of our products.  We consistently produce custom cabinetry that our customers love, that is delivered on time and to spec 99% of the time.  We are so committed to quality that we offer a lifetime warranty.

One of the features that we include on our cabinetry that is often overlooked is the dovetail of our cabinet boxes.  Dovetailing is a finishing touch that helps keep cabinetry strong, and it is a testament to fine craftsmanship.  Not only does dovetailing keep your cabinetry more secure, it also looks beautiful.  Dovetailing creates an extremely strong joint between two pieces of wood, making a stronger bond that can withstand heavy use.  Most people don’t even know to ask about dovetailing, but to us it’s an absolute requirement.

Many cabinet manufacturers don’t go through the added work and expense to dovetail, and in many cases dovetailing is only found on the cabinet drawers.  Here at Kountry Kraft, not only do we dovetail our drawers, but we also dovetail our cabinet boxes – something that is rarely seen in the industry.  Dovetailing isn’t easy – it requires a great deal of skill and experience to do it correctly.  For the skilled craftsmen at Kountry Kraft it’s no trouble. We have an entire line in our production process dedicated to dovetailing – and the work is done right – every time.

Our Commitment to Quality Construction

It’s just like us here at Kountry Kraft not to make a big deal about our dovetailing.  We just consider it part of the process of producing cabinetry the right way – with great attention to detail.  But truly – it is a big deal – and is one of the many reasons why you will find our cabinets still looking like new in homes 25 years later.  It’s why high end kitchen designers turn to us to private label cabinets for them.  And it’s why we’ve been successful for more than 50 years.

At Kountry Kraft we credit our success to staying true to the four guiding principles on which my parents Elvin and Helen Hurst founded our company: craft the highest quality custom cabinetry; deliver on schedule every time; price it fairly; and be  honest, genuine and friendly. Dovetailing our cabinet boxes is one small part in the process of producing our high quality cabinetry – but it is a detail we are committed to continuing as a service to our customers.

Click here for more information about the quality craftsmanship of Kountry Kraft cabinets.  To find a dealer near you, visit the dealer locator on our site.  For great ideas for integrating custom cabinetry into your home, visit our Houzz idea books.  We have a strong commitment to uphold our family legacy of high quality and excellent service – and invite you to experience the Kountry Kraft difference.

Dee Funk March 20, 2023