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Do you want to design the walk-in closet you dreamed about as a little girl? It can be a bit overwhelming if you’re starting with four bare walls, but never fear! Let’s take a look at the top things you should consider when creating a custom walk-in closet design.

Creating a Focal Point

You want your walk-in closet to be pretty and functional. Create a focal point on the wall opposite the entry by centering built-in drawers and flanking them with two symmetrical hanging areas. Or, if you need more drawers than hanging space, reverse the design. It’s a simple detail that might not seem like much, but I promise this layout is much more eye-pleasing than a mishmash of random storage units. And it’ll be the first thing you see when you step into the closet.

Hanging Areas

To make the most effective use of space, include a combination of mid and large-size hanging areas in your design. Mid-size areas will store items like shirts and pants while large-size areas will hold longer items like dresses, skirts, and robes. This will eliminate the dead space created by hanging mid-size items in large-size spaces.

To figure out how many mid and large-size hanging spaces you’ll need, take inventory of all the items you’ll want to hang and go from there. Bonus tip: use adjustable rods so your closet can adapt to any changes in your wardrobe.


Shoe Storage

A lot of people—myself included—have tried various shoe organizers and, despite good intentions, ended up with a pile of shoes on the floor. The trick I’ve found? Place shallow shelving near your closet door so it’s easy to grab a pair on the go and (crucially) put them back at the end of the day. The shallow unit ensures all of your shoes will be visible and easily accessible in single-depth rows and will make the entryway feel more open and spacious.


Use the Whole Wall

Don’t discount high shelving because it’s difficult to reach. Make sure everything you frequently wear, or use is easily accessible, of course. But use those top shelves for things like seasonal items, extra bedding, luggage, etc. Simply keep a step stool tucked away so you can access them when needed.

3-Way-Mirror in a Custom Walk-In Closet

What Custom Features Do You Want?

A pull-out laundry hamper? Organization inserts for drawers? Display storage for your favorite items? Our design experts can make any closet wish come true. Contact us to get started on your custom walk-in closet design and follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more design inspiration!

Dee Funk November 3, 2022