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Farmhouse Kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ by Wydian Kitchens & Design

This country farmhouse kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ by Wydian Kitchens & Design is the perfect blend of modern convenience and old-world charm. Here are the design elements that make this kitchen so special:

platinum range in country farmhouse kitchen
Photography by Designer Appliances

Show Stopping Stove Alcove

In many centuries-old homes, the kitchen will feature a large fireplace that the family used for cooking. It’s become very popular in Europe—where it’s common to find homes of this age—to repurpose this space as an alcove for the more modern stove. Doing so not only honors the history of the home, but also makes functional an otherwise wasted space. Plus, it’s very pretty.  While this farmhouse kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ may not date back to the 1700s, building this alcove for the stove—complete with the rustic lintel beam—was key to creating a sense of old-world charm. Such a focal point required something special, so a beautiful 36″ Platinum Series Range that produces restaurant-quality results was chosen as the star of the show. The classic black and white tile backsplash serves as the perfect link between the old-world alcove and modern range.

Photography by Designer Appliances

Natural Materials

Farmhouse kitchens are known for incorporating various natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. This Bernardsville, NJ kitchen certainly stayed true to this design imperative with its white marble countertops, stone floor tiles, brass finishes, and natural island cabinetry (Kountry Kraft Penn Line/Inset No Bead Cabinetsfinished in Natural 10°). And, of course, what country farmhouse kitchen is complete without a farmhouse sink?

microwave oven in country farmhouse kitchen
Photography by Designer Appliances

Traditional Layout

A true farmhouse kitchen is more than just its design elements; it also considers how the space is used. Farmhouse kitchens are meant to be functional and are often designed around the cook. That means the work stations are located close together with ample counter space for food prep and cooking. Wydian Kitchens & Design remained true to this ideal when designing the layout for this Bernardsville, NJ kitchen. Notice the short and easy path between the sink and range, with the island providing more than enough prep space right behind it. The oversized island also emphasizes the old notion “the kitchen is the heart of the home” by offering ample space for congregating.

Don’t be Shy!

If the charm of this Bernardsville, NJ design is calling to you, please contact one of our design experts to discuss how we can transform your current space into the picture-perfect country farmhouse kitchen! Follow Kountry Kraft on Instagram and like our Facebook page for more kitchen design inspiration.

Dee Funk July 5, 2023