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Installing new functional kitchens is a great way to make an investment in your home.  A new kitchen that suits our lifestyle is a great way to simplify your life.  But beneath the beauty of it all, the reason a kitchen improves our lives is it’s functionality. At Kountry Kraft we know how to build truly functional kitchens.

Overall, we pride ourselves in having a talented network of dealers who can assess a homeowners needs to build kitchens that are a masterpiece in functionality.   A key to creating functional kitchens is the use of accessories that optimize space. Because today’s kitchens are used in a variety of ways – they may need to house everything from the family computer to a laundry center.  For this reason we offer a wide variety of accessories to suit every need.

Accessories to enhance functional kitchensFunctional Kitchens Storage Cabinets for cooking utensils and spices:

  • Maximize a small space with a base pull-out storage cabinet. These cabinets can be tucked conveniently next to your stove or sink to allow easy access to frequently used items.
  • Pull out wicker baskets make an attractive addition to your kitchen space and are a great way to store items such as potatoes and onions.
  • Spices take up valuable cabinet space, but we offer unique spice storage options such as spice drawers, wooden spice racks fitted inside a cabinet door, and combination knife and spice drawers.
  • Conveniently store knives off the counter with a knife drawer designed to protect blades and fingers.
  • Double level cutlery drawers allow you to organize your cutlery and other kitchen utensils neatly for ease of use.
  • Store your cutting board out of the way to free up counter space with a pull out cutting board integrated into your cabinetry.
  • Storage of baking trays just got easier with slotted tray base cabinets that can hold everything from cookie sheets to pizza pans. They provide easy access any time, and a combination storage cabinet can allow you to utilize unused space for such items as lids that clutter up your pot storage areas.Functional Kitchens Storage Cabinets Cutlery Drawer
  • Adding a food file rack to your pantry door places items you use frequently right on the door – and makes use of space 
  • Store your bread neatly in a bread drawer with partitions.
  • Utilize often-wasted space in front of your sink with a tilt out tray to keep store unsightly sponges.
  • Hide trash out of the way and away from pets with a slide away waste container.
  • Pull out towel racks allow your kitchen towels to hang neatly out of sight to dry between uses.

Start living the good life today. Transform your home into an expression of your personal taste and desire for elegance. Kountry Kraft will guide you every step of the way. Follow us on Houzz to see photography of more of our custom cabinetry accessories. Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you and begin planning a more functional kitchen today.


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Dee Funk March 17, 2023