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Quality Cabinetry InspectionBefore any Kountry Kraft order ships to our customers it goes through a rigorous quality cabinetry inspection to ensure that it is produced according to specs and meets our strict quality guidelines.  It is just one of the services we provide that many of our competitors do not offer, and it helps Kountry Kraft products stand out above the rest.   Here is a detailed explanation of our inspection process over the lifetime of an order:

  1. All orders are inspected prior to processing and entering into manufacturing software.
  2. All orders are reviewed after order entry to confirm part sizes, door sizes, and floor plan dimensions.
  3. After all parts are cut and machined they are inspected to confirm that they are correct prior to assembly.
  4. After assembly all cabinets and parts are inspected to confirm they are assembled and have the correct specifications required for installation of internal parts.
  5. Prior to cabinets being loaded into our finishing line they are inspected to ensure they are properly sanded and all areas requiring finishing are correctly identified.
  6. After the initial finish is applied (stain or primer) we inspect the finish to ensure the color is correct or that the proper mills of primer have been applied.
  7. All product is again inspected prior to application of final top coat. In the case of glaze finishes our most experienced finishing personnel shades and/or modifies each piece to match the customer approved sample.
  8. After the cabinetry has all components installed (doors, drawers, pullout units, etc.), it is again inspected.
  9. Cabinets are then are staged in the warehouse according to the floor plans provided and are inspected to assure:
    1. Color consistency and matching to the color control door.
    2. All exposed sides are finished correctly.
    3. All doors and drawers work properly, and will not conflict with adjacent cabinets.
    4. Dimensions of the manufactured cabinetry is consistent with the floor plan
    5. All moldings and parts match the cabinetry.
  10. Before any cabinet is loaded onto the delivery truck the cabinets are accounted for and again reviewed for any quality issues.

This rigorous quality cabinetry inspection isn’t a requirement.  It takes a great deal of time, but in our opinion it is time well spent.  We take our track record of shipping orders 99% on time and correctly the first time very seriously, and we aim to reduce the ultimate cost of cabinetry installation for our clients by making sure our orders are error free. We feel so strongly about the quality of our cabinetry that we offer a lifetime warranty.  Our 10 point quality cabinetry inspection is just one of the many ways we ensure that the cabinetry we produce lives up to the Kountry Kraft name.

Dee Funk March 20, 2023