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Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Luxury Kitchens
Dee Hurst-Funk

The title of this blog may sound familiar. In fact, it may make you nostalgic, depending on when you were born. Recently there have been a number of Transformers reboots in Hollywood. They are movies derived from the 1984 Hasbro Toy Manufacturing Company toys with the tagline of, “The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye!” The premise is that they are robots disguised as common, ordinary objects.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with Luxury Kitchens?”   Luxury Kitchens have a strong appeal not only because of their beautiful aesthetics, but also because of the special little nuances not outwardly visible to the casual observer. Hidden behind those gorgeous wooden panels could be any number of things – a chef’s pantry, a pull out spice rack, or even a full-size refrigerator!  Today, luxury kitchens certainly serve as the Transformers of the kitchen world.

Kitchens have become the center of all activity in modern homes, and as such our customers want their kitchens to be just as stylish and comfortable as the rest of the house. Luxury kitchens look less and less like work zones and more and more like family rooms with cabinetry integrated into paneling, sleek and less obtrusive appliances, and modern conveniences like laptop nooks and integrated tablet stations.

Luxury kitchens don’t only include unique storage solutions. There are many things that go into classifying your kitchen space as “Luxury.” Webster classifies luxury as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” To that end, what qualifies as a luxury kitchen is subjective to what you consider important to the comfort and enjoyment of your family.

At Kountry Kraft we provide only top quality craftsmanship and add-on options for your cabinetry. We always choose specially selected furniture grade solid woods and veneers, and inspect every aspect of finishing and assemble to ensure a quality product. We always treat every project as the most important, and handle every order with the care it deserves.

Whether it be the cabinets that conceal a work station, enhanced lighting, or unique features like column pullouts and hidden spice drawers, the hidden luxuries of Kountry Kraft luxury kitchens definitely deliver more than meets the eye. Luxury, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Whether cooking for a large group of people, bonding with your family, or relaxing on your own – having a luxurious kitchen that your family can live in is sure to make your house a home.

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Dee Funk October 9, 2015