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The Year Anew at Kountry Kraft Cabinetry

Many exciting things are happening here at Kountry Kraft as we bring in the new year of 2017. We have a new logo to introduce, a catalog, a new cabinetry line as well as a new website to look forward to.

New Logo

Kountry Kraft New Logo for a year anew and custom made cabinetry since 1959

We are proud to announce the launch of a new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. The new logo represents the classical and timeless quality of our company. In 2016, Kountry Kraft celebrated our 57th Anniversary and completed some exciting milestones. We launched our latest catalog that provides design inspiration and features the work of the industry’s best designers. Our two newest offerings include Textural Cabinetry™ Line and Metal Fusion Range Hoods.  With the success, we’ve achieved in the first 57 years of operations, we are looking ahead and planning for the next generation.

Textural Cabinetry™ Line

Kountry Kraft Textural Cabinetry Series for a New Year and New Logo

We have a new and exciting product offering, The Textural Cabinetry™ Line, a new line of wood laminate cabinets now available at Kountry Kraft.  This innovative line of wood laminate cabinets features textured laminate panels, available in 26 textured options with many available in 3 door styles. One of the benefits of our Textural Cabinetry™ laminate cabinets versus wood cabinets is that the realistic wood grain panels compliment smooth surfaces such as stainless steel kitchen appliances. The resulting finish is unlike any laminate cabinets available on the market today. Kountry Kraft is always looking for innovative ways to enhance their custom cabinetry to bring more cabinetry options to their customers.

New Website

Kountry Krafts New Website Features High Quality Images and Our New Logo

We wanted to make our website more user-friendly for our visitors. Our website is designed with easy-to-use navigation to satisfy our customers 24/7. Our new website is now more visually appealing by showing more pictures of our custom work. Everything you need to know about our custom cabinetry can now be found on our website.

Kountry Kraft Brochure

Kountry Kraft Catalog New Year New Logo

The Kountry Kraft brochure features a slurry of some of the nation’s best designers. Our brochure portrays some of our best work throughout different areas of a home – both outside and inside. From entertainment cabinetry to custom storage solutions, we incorporated every detail into the brochure for everyone to see and be inspired to create their own custom cabinetry.

You can request Kountry Kraft literature here.

Dee Funk September 2, 2021