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It AllKountry Kraft Cabinetry Started With A Saw Started With A Saw

In our last blog post, we discussed the challenges Elvin and Helen Hurst had to overcome to launch their own cabinetry business in 1959.  But the humble beginnings of Kountry Kraft are a great holiday story reminiscent of The Gift of the Magi –a tale of how a thoughtful gift can make a huge difference in many lives and become the impetus for something big.

Once we started telling our story it gained momentum, and when the folks at the Sears Craftsman Club heard about it, they clearly agreed.  We are thrilled to say they liked it so much it is featured in this month’s Craftsman Club blog.  Click here to read more about how Helen Hurst’s thoughtful Christmas gift opened up a path success for the Hurst family and the hundreds of skilled craftsmen who work here at Kountry Kraft  – and created a pioneering business in the custom cabinetry industry.

The Future of Custom Cabinetry

The Hurst Family has a lasting commitment to hard work and fair business, and in next week’s blog we’ll follow the explosive growth of their custom cabinetry company over the past 50 years, and tell you about the 2nd and 3rd generation of our family members who are running the company today.

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Dee Funk February 22, 2023