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One of the only downsides of a small kitchen is the limitation for storage space. With Kountry Kraft custom cabinetry, you can create many different and unique storage areas. From pottery and glassware to miscellaneous items you don’t want exposed, we offer many different small kitchen storage ideas.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage areas can be created to be on display or hidden in your kitchen. Many homeowners like to display colorful pottery or glassware in their kitchen and others prefer it to be hidden. Below you will see many different small kitchen storage ideas using Kountry Kraft cabinetry. Don’t see what you are looking for below? Contact us and we can create a customized storage solution for you.

small kitchen storage ideas with custom cabinetry in newmanstown pennsylvania small kitchen storage ideas in newmanstown pennsylvania

Don’t limit storage to areas within arms’ reach. Ceiling-height cabinets or shelves are perfect for that appliance or casserole dish you never use. High cabinets and shelves can make a small kitchen space feel more open.

decorative woven baskets for small kitchen storage ideas





Declutter an open-shelving mess with decorative woven baskets or colored bins. Decorative bins keep your kitchen organized and stylish.







spice cabinets are used for small kitchen storage ideas





Don’t fill up a whole cabinet with just spices, take advantage of an awkward small space for pull-out shelf.






hidden storage cabinets for small kitchen storage ideas



De-clutter your countertops using hidden storage space for your appliances like a toaster and coffee maker.




organized keurig coffee cups for small kitchen storage ideas





We can also create custom drawers for your k-cups or other small items so they stay organized and easily accessible.






pull out trash bins for small kitchen storage ideas



Since floor space is already limited in your small kitchen, incorporating your trash and recycling bins into your cabinetry provides more available floor space.






small kitchen storage ideas include a functional kitchen island





Having a functional kitchen island creates a central storage unit for everything you want in your kitchen, but never seem to have enough space for.







freezer drawers provide convenience and more room for small kitchen storage ideas




Freezer drawers are a space saving design that leaves a smaller footprint and provides convenience.







Check out more organizing tips for your kitchen space in this article by Good Housekeeping. Visit our planning & functionality page to be inspired to make your kitchen as functional as it is beautiful.

Dee Funk March 11, 2023