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Dee Hurst-Funk is the Chief Kitchen Designer and CFO of Kountry Kraft – Custom Cabinets

It’s time to redo your kitchen and you think you may want custom cabinets. Take a deep breath.We can help make your decisions without getting in your way. We have 1,500+ combined years worth of quality custom cabinetry behind our name and our quality speaks for itself

As you plan your kitchen, you may be factoring in the pros and cons of Custom Cabinets and Stock Cabinets.We understand that it’s a big decision and you want to get good, quality cabinetry. Here’s some information that you may find helpful.


Custom cabinets are mostly constructed by regional cabinet manufacturers much like Kountry Kraft. Our cabinetry is built by master craftsmen and is designed to fit into your space.

Photo of custom cabinets, Amy Pasek Designer – Integrated Kitchens – Kountry Kraft Blog
Designer: Amy Pasek | Integrated Kitchens | Montgomery Village, MD

We are proud to say that our products are delivered on time nearly 100% of the time – so there’s no costly time delays that can put a monkey wrench in your project.

Kountry Kraft empowers our customers with the resources to design their dream cabinetry, whether that be in their kitchen, office, bathroom, etc. We work with highly skilled dealers and designers who will

come to your location, measure your space, draw up a schematic, make product recommendations and give you general pricing – making your cabinet shopping experience as simple as possible.

When you choose custom cabinetry, know that there are no rules. There is no standard 3” cabinet size. Sometimes people have unique spaces that normal stock cabinets just don’t accommodate. Custom cabinetry offers much greater flexibility and capacity for storage. This is where we excel. There may be a price differential between custom and stock cabinetry, but the value that you receive will be well worth the expenditure.


Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured, cartooned, and stored in a warehouse until they’re ordered. The industry standard sizes are based on multiples of three. They are very cut and dry when it comes to what’s available. There’s a standard width, height and depth to these cabinets. If your space is unique in size or shape, it is likely stock cabinets will be difficult to install.

Since the cabinets are manufactured prior to your order, the specific cabinet that you need may be unavailable. For the most part, no modifications can be made to pre-ordered stock from a catalog.

You may think we’re biased toward custom cabinets, and the truth is, we are. That’s because for over 50 years Kountry Kraft has been listening to what our customers tell us, and using that information to make our products and services better. We could always produce stock cabinetry, but that’s not what our customers want. They want our designers expertise when re-imagining a room that they will “live” in and they don’t want to settle for compromised quality and installation. We pride ourselves in the quality of our fine custom cabinetry and our impeccable customer service – and we think everyone deserves that kind of experience when planning their cabinet purchase.

Dee Funk March 20, 2023