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Milburn NJ Cabinet Dealer

Each month we profile one of our dealers, and this month’s profile is Sawhorse Designs, a Millburn NJ cabinetry dealer.  Sawhorse Designs has provided more than 28 years of kitchen renovation in NJ, and they have a strong reputation for impeccable service, quality and integrity.

Sawhorse founder, Tom McCloskey, left his corporate consulting job to launch his own design company after having personal experience with renovations of several of his homes. Those experiences convinced him that his knowledge and experience could offer a service to customers and  he opened his own Millburn NJ Cabinetry dealer business. His company is committed to improving the remodeling experience through professional planning, quality control and first class service. Sawhorse is a consumer focused company dedicated to the ultimate satisfaction of their clients. They are one of our most popular kitchen designers in NJ.

Milburn NJ Cabinet Dealer


Tom McCloskey actively involves his clients in the design process, beginning first with a floor plan that satisfies the customers needs and lifestyle.  He often develops multiple floor plans for the client to consider, and is willing to make tradeoffs that reflect the client’s priorities.  Sawhorse works side by side with clients to help them throughout their project, helping to guide their choices of appliances, countertops, tiles, flooring and more.   The end result is a happy customer who feels their needs have been satisfied.

Millburn NJ Cabinetry Dealer Painted White Cabinets in New Jersey

Sawhorse has created many custom kitchen designs using Kountry Kraft cabinetry, and each is unique and beautiful. Their work is frequently featured in magazines, including Design NJ. The images in this blog feature one of Sawhorse Designs beautiful custom kitchens that is packed full of extra storage options. This traditional kitchen features beaded inset cabinets crafted of hard maple. The doors are constructed in the CRP10 style with an ogee framing bead. The cabinetry is finished in kling white paint.  I love the way the wall of windows in this kitchen lets in a tremendous amount of natural light.

Sawhorse believes that while orchestrating a beautiful renovation is satisfying, the real gratification comes from having happy customers. Visit their website for additional photos of their beautiful work and more information about the company and consider them if you are looking for a Millburn NJ cabinetry dealer. Find other custom cabinetry designers in New Jersey on our dealer locator.


Kountry Kraft offers a variety of ways for designing custom kitchen cabinet drawers that adapt to your lifestyle. From plate holders to pull out shelves, custom kitchen cabinet drawers make it easier to access all of your household items. Make your life more simple, and make the most of your space by incorporating these features right into your kitchen.

Whether you need access to dinner plates at a lower height, or you are unable to reach your coffee mug early in the morning, Kountry Kraft’s custom kitchen cabinet drawers can make your kitchen built for you.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

custom kitchen cabinet drawers

The use of drawers in your kitchen will allow you to view and easily approach everything without the use of a step stool. Cabinet drawers also allow you to place dish-ware at a lower height, enabling your younger child or grandparent to assist in kitchen chores. Place your pull out drawers an arms length away from the dishwasher and sink to make the putting away of dishes easy and quick.

Pull Out Shelves

Storage Cabinets for a kitchen in Ephrata, PA with paint and glaze

custom kitchen cabinet

Incorporating Hafele pull out shelves into your custom kitchen cabinets will allow for easier access to back of the shelf items. Whether you’re reaching for a snack, or your morning coffee mug, pull out shelves will make accessing your every day items easy.

Built-In Shelves

custom kitchen cabinet drawers

Easily access your favorite recipes and books integrating these built in shelves in your custom kitchen cabinets. No need to travel down the hall to fetch your favorite cookbook when you can place it right in your kitchen! If your children love to do their homework while eating dinner, store their homework books in the built in shelves as well.


When you’re ready to incorporate custom kitchen cabinet drawers into your kitchen, click here to contact a Kountry Kraft dealer to help make your kitchen adapt to your lifestyle.

Pennsylvania Cabinetry Dealers

Each month we profile one of the many talented cabinetry dealers that we have the pleasure to do business with.  This month I am pleased to profile one of our top Pennsylvania Cabinetry Dealers – Hinkle Custom Cabinets, located in Birdsboro, PA as our monthly Kountry Kraft Dealer Profile.

After 26 years of working in every phase of the custom cabinet industry, Mike Hinkle decided to create his own business and Hinkle Custom Cabinets was born. Hinkle is one of our most highly skilled Pennsylvania cabinetry dealers, and they create amazing quality custom cabinetry for any room in your home.  We love their work so much we invited them to create the display pictured here for our showroom at 101 Lancaster Avenue in Devon PA.  Stop by our showroom to see custom craftsmanship first hand!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in PA

In This Design


  • This transitional style kitchen featured in our showroom features perimeter cabinets with our beaded inset cabinet style, door style CRP10, an OGEE framing bead and drawer style Louis XIII. They have a painted finish and are glazed with a Sable glaze.
  • The island is weathered grain quartersawn white oak finished in Silverfox stain with Black glaze.
  • The kitchen island cabinets feature a different stain color than the perimeter cabinets to help draw attention to the island, making it the key statement in the kitchen. The stain colors, although different, sync to create an overall distinguished appearance. This unique island incorporates a table and seating options, making it a great place to prep as well as serve to a small group.
  • The kitchen cabinets also feature many different accessories, highlighting the organizational possibilities available in a well-designed Kountry Kraft Kitchen.  A divided drawer located right below the cook top offers storage for pots, pans and lids, keeping them right at your fingertips. A pullout spice rack is located adjacent to the stove as well, enabling you to easily access spices while you cook. An assortment of pantry solutions from Hafele help keep the interiors of the cabinets functional and organized.

Hinkle Custom Cabinets makes beautiful cabinetry solutions that their customers love. If you live in their area and are looking for Pennsylvania cabinetry dealers, call Mike at (610) 404-1840, and please let them know we sent you!  If you don’t live in the Birdsboro area, search for a Kountry Kraft dealer near you on our dealer locator.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas  Kitchen Cabinet Ideas PA Kitchen Cabinets near Pennsylvania kitchen-cabinet-ideas-birdsboro-pennsylvania-L97676-15

In this month’s cabinet dealer profile we are pleased to introduce the talented team at Bradford Design in Bethesda, MD. Once referred to as one of Washington’s best kept secrets, Bradford Design has repeatedly been recognized as a distinguished design firm providing innovative and original designs to residents of the Washington DC metro and Chesapeake Bay areas, but they also have a wide customer base including customers that come from as far as Southern California.  Their distinguished designs are a truly imaginative, beautiful and unique addition to any home and we are proud to have them as a Kountry Kraft cabinet dealer.

The team at Bradford Design can create beautiful wood cabinetry and built-in designs for every room in your home, and they incorporate other materials such as stone, metal and tile to build truly one-of-a-kind designs.  They focus on the use of clean palettes and innovative ideas, and work hard to stay ahead of the trends to create designs that will withstand the test of time.  Their design specialties include kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, bars, fireplace mantles, wine cellars, media centers and outdoor structures such as furniture, pavilions, gazebos and arbors.

Of their own designs, Bradford says “True innovation requires unconstrained creativity. The Bradford Design product is created with a totally open mind free of design limitations. Custom details, coupled with an artistic vision for the room’s appearance are what distinguish a project. If your vision for a room is unique to your personal tastes and style of living, then you should consider the Bradford Kitchen.”

Bradford Design projects have been featured frequently in magazines such as the Washingtonian, Chesapeake Home Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens Beautiful Kitchens and Baths magazines.  Their solid base of highly satisfied customers are a strong indication that you can trust your next custom cabinetry project to the design team at Bradford Design.  If you are looking for a cabinet dealer in the Bethesda, MD area, visit bradforddesignllc.com for more information and to view more of their unique designs.

We are proud of our vast network of cabinet dealers around the country – their skill at custom cabinetry design showcases the potential of the Kountry Kraft line.  If  you don’t leave near Bradford Design and are looking for a cabinet dealer near you, you can find a long list of Kountry Kraft dealers on the dealer locator on our website.

If there is one thing that relaxes me it is being in the kitchen. The kitchen is like the holy grail of the house. However, nothing is more frustrating than a kitchen layout that is difficult to maneuver around. You have to grab your eggs and milk from the refrigerator, which is on the opposite end of the kitchen from the mixers and the oven. Frustrating, right? The only way to fix this frustration is to change the kitchen layout to suit your space and have a better workflow. Listed below are four types of kitchen plans to create the perfect kitchen layout for your lifestyle.

Perfect Kitchen Layout Options

Galley Kitchen Layout with White CabinetsFirst is the galley kitchen layout. If there is not much room in your house, this kitchen layout is the best option for you. A galley kitchen includes two countertops, parallel to each other, to make the entire kitchen easily accessible. This layout is the best use of limited space. If choosing this layout, you want to select light colors to create the illusion of open space.




Next is the U-U Kitchen Layout with Traditional Cabinetryshaped kitchen layout. The U-shaped layout is an ideal look for opening up floor space. It features three walls, which are lined with countertops, appliances, and cabinetry. When choosing this layout, homeowners should place their busiest appliances into a triangular workspace. There are many benefits to this kitchen layout, including a lot of counter space, and the ability to support a kitchen island.




L Kitchen Layout with White CabinetryThe L-Shaped kitchen layout creates the feel of an open floor plan with two walls perpendicular to each other. This layout is perfect if you have more than one cook in the house. If eating space is what you are looking for, this layout is perfect for you! You can add an island to the center, or a table to accommodate your guests while you cook.




Single Wall Kitchen Layout with IslandFinally, the single wall layout is typically found in small homes, because it works by keeping all appliances and ingredients in the same area with little reach and takes up as little space as possible. This design has countertops on both sides of the range oven. When choosing this layout, your best option would be to choose compact appliances to add extra counter space. This kitchen layout is ideal for loft and studio homes or apartments.



While these are not the only kitchen layouts you can choose from, these are the four most basic options. Deciding which layout to choose is going to be based off of a few things, including budget, how much storage space you will need, and how often or how many people you tend to entertain. Remember to take all of these into consideration, and LOVE the kitchen you choose. If none of these are to your liking, check out these other kitchen layouts we love.

Installing new functional kitchens is a great way to make an investment in your home.  A new kitchen that suits our lifestyle is a great way to simplify your life.  But beneath the beauty of it all, the reason a kitchen improves our lives is it’s functionality – and at Kountry Kraft we know how to build truly functional kitchens.

We pride ourselves in having a talented network of dealers who can assess a homeowners needs to build kitchens that are a masterpiece in functionality.   A key to creating functional kitchens is the use of accessories that optimize space. Because today’s kitchens are used in a variety of ways – they may need to house everything from the family computer to a laundry center.  For this reason we offer a wide variety of accessories to suit every need.

Accessories to enhance functional kitchensFunctional Kitchens Storage Cabinets for cooking utensils and spices:

  • Maximize a small space with a base pull-out storage cabinet. These cabinets can be tucked conveniently next to your stove or sink to allow easy access to frequently used items.
  • Pull out wicker baskets make an attractive addition to your kitchen space and are a great way to store items such as potatoes and onions.
  • Spices take up valuable cabinet space, but we offer unique spice storage options such as spice drawers, wooden spice racks fitted inside a cabinet door, and combination knife and spice drawers.
  • Conveniently store knives off the counter with a knife drawer designed to protect blades and fingers.
  • Double level cutlery drawers allow you to organize your cutlery and other kitchen utensils neatly for ease of use.
  • Store your cutting board out of the way to free up counter space with a pull out cutting board integrated into your cabinetry.
  • Storage of baking trays just got easier with slotted tray base cabinets that can hold everything from cookie sheets to pizza pans. They provide easy access any time, and a combination storage cabinet can allow you to utilize unused space for such items as lids that clutter up your pot storage areas.Functional Kitchens Storage Cabinets Cutlery Drawer
  • Adding a food file rack to your pantry door places items you use frequently right on the door – and makes use of space that otherwise might be wasted.
  • Store your bread neatly in a bread drawer with partitions.
  • Utilize often-wasted space in front of your sink with a tilt out tray to keep store unsightly sponges.
  • Hide trash out of the way and away from pets with a slide away waste container.
  • Pull out towel racks allow your kitchen towels to hang neatly out of sight to dry between uses.

Start living the good life today. Transform your home into an expression of your personal taste and desire for elegance. Kountry Kraft will guide you every step of the way. Follow us on Houzz to see photography of more of our custom cabinetry accessories. Find a Kountry Kraft dealer near you and begin planning a more functional kitchen today.


storage-cabinet-ephrata-pennsylvania-L95902-12  storage-cabinet-ephrata-pennsylvania-L95902-3 storage-cabinet-ephrata-pennsylvania-L95902-1 commercial-gallery-3

Home entertainment cabinetry is a great idea for any home.  Because many people choose to stay at home for family entertainment, or choose to entertain gu
ests in the comfort of their own home, having a custom
entertainment area with home entertainment cabinetry is a great investment in your home.  Entertaining at home takes space, and finding room to store your Blu-ray collection, AV equipment and family games is often a challenge, and can cause a clutter problem in your home. At Kountry Kraft we can create home entertainment cabinetry to clear the clutter and enhance the fun.

Developing entertainment areas in your home by adding home entertainment cabinetry is a great way to enhance your family’s together time, create memories and build a place to unwind and relax.  Home theaters with built-in entertainment centers are a great addition to any room in your home.  Recreation space allows you to invite friends and family to gather to watch a movie, play games, or have a party – the possibilities for your new entertainment area are endless.

Custom entertainment centers for your home theater also help reduce the stress caused by clutter in your home.  Piles of movies stacked on your entertainment unit or crammed in every corner of your home creates an unsightly mess – and makes it hard to find what you need.  Home entertainment cabinetry organizes the mess and create a unique space to relax and enjoy family and friends.  And with custom cabinetry every corner of your home can carry your style and express your individuality, while providing functionality and storage.

Custom Bar Cabinets in Madison, NJ










Custom Bar Home Entertainment Cabinetry

Home entertainment cabinetry considerations:

  • What is the primary leisure activity of your family? Who will be the primary users of this space?
  • Do you entertain large groups? Do you need a separate home theater room or can you integrate your entertainment area into an existing family or play room?
  • How much space do you have to devote? Do you need to maximize storage, or maximize entertainment space?
  • How long will the space you’re planning fit the needs of your family? Make sure the area you’re planning will have longevity or be a flexible space that can evolve as your family evolves.

Custom cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens – consider adding home entertainment cabinetry to enhance the functionality of your home. Contact a Kountry Kraft dealer near you that can help you start planning your entertainment space today.

Cabinet Dealers Hanford Cabinet and Woodworking

Each month we profile one of our talented cabinet dealers and this month we are excited to profile Hanford Cabinet and Woodworking, located in Old Saybrook, CT.  Hanford is a fantastic dealer led by owner and founder Stephen Hanford and a truly talented group of hardworking cabinet designers and staff. Hanford established his renowned firm in Connecticut over 35 years ago, based on his love of wood and the inherent beauty and warmth that it brings to life, and they pride themselves in creating quality projects built to last a lifetime.

Stephen began his passion for woodworking at a very young age. His father was a college trained instructor in woodworking and helped Steve progress in the wood medium. His love for the art grew as he became older. In fact, he chose to purchase an existing cabinet shop instead of gaining his PhD. In Botany!

Excellence in Woodworking

Stephen relishes the most unique and difficult projects because of his love and indisputable knowledge of Cabinet Dealers Hanford Cabinet and Woodworking woodworking and forestry. No project is too challenging for Hanford Cabinets and Woodworking. His knowledge and background in wood technology and forestry has proven to be indispensable when it comes to handling the more difficult and unusual jobs. Steve’s talent, both natural & trained, has turned Hanford Cabinet & Woodworking into the reputable Connecticut business it is today.

Stephen and his wonderful team of designers have fortified Hanford Cabinets and Woodworking as a well-established and reputable Connecticut business that we love to work with. For the Hanfords cabinetry truly is a family affair.  Lane, Steve’s wife and business partner, oversees The Front Room Gallery and  office duties. Sarah Hanford photographs finished work and does graphic design, and Allison Hanford is office manager, and also does design, build and install.

Hanford Cabinets and Woodworking offers cabinets, furniture, countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures and much more.  We love partnering with Hanford and are proud to include them in our list of talented cabinet dealers. Visit their website to see more of their beautiful custom cabinetry work.

Cabinet Dealers Hanford Cabinet and Woodworking

Over the years we have certainly seen our share of cabinetry fads, but one color has withstood the test of time – white cabinetry.  Whether it is paired with a modern door style or designed to fit into a traditional kitchen, customers still look to white cabinetry to provide them with a pure, clean space.

White finishes and glazes can be applied to any of our wood types to create a unique effect.  You can choose white stained cabinets, or white pained cabinets for a different effect.  White maple cabinets have a completely different look than white applied to cherry or knotty pine – and glazes can create a completely different effect.  White applied to distressed wood also has a unique appearance.

White cabinetry can truly help a small room look large.  Adding white cabinetry will brighten up a room, enhancing the feeling of space in the room.  Since white cabinetry can look cold, it is important mix up a variety of complementary shades of white in the paint, backsplashes, countertops, tile, flooring and cabinet stains.  This can truly warm up a room and avoid a sterile feeling.

Another way to warm up a white kitchen is to add stained wood accents, on an island, or countertops, for instance.  Stainless steel pulls and appliances can also be added to a white kitchen to break up the white in the room, and hardwood flooring does a tremendous amount to warm up the space.

White can be made to fit into any design aesthetic – whether traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern.  Cabinetry with full overlay doors can achieve a contemporary feel, while flat-panel inset doors, beadboard and rustic feeling knobs and accessories can give a kitchen a rustic farmhouse feel.

Over the years, we have created many beautiful white kitchens – like the beautiful white cabinets in our slide show below designed by our friends at Stonington Designs in Madison, NJ and True North Cabinets in New Caanan, CT.   With a wide variety of options available your custom white kitchen can have your own unique look and feel.  You can also check out our Houzz projects for additional examples of white kitchens we love.

Kountry Kraft cabinetry is truly custom, and each one of our projects look completely different from the next when you combine our vast offering of door styles, overlays, edge profiles, framing beads, wood type, paints and finishes.  It can be hard to determine which of our cabinet styles to choose, but the best way to start is by selecting the cabinet styles that fit your design from our five most popular cabinet style options:

Beaded Inset – beaded inset cabinetry features a bead around the edge for an added decorative effect.  This allows the door and drawer style you select to stand out in your design.  It is not available with a  door overlay.  It is most popular in traditional and transitional style kitchens, and can be configured with any edge profile, bead, hinge and drawer style.

Penn Line – the Penn Line features a 3/8” inset-lipped door overlay.  There is no framing bead or raise available with this style of cabinetry.  It is most popular in transitional and contemporary designs.  One common combination is to pair this cabinet style with our CRP door style

3001 – This cabinet style features a full overlay, to allow the door style to take center stage.  In this style of cabinetry, the cabinet does not show through it is fully covered by the door and drawer.  It can feature a bead and a raise, and is most popular in contemporary and modern style designs.  It is typically paired with the purity door style and full door overlay.

Cambridge – The Cambridge cabinet style does not feature a door overlay.  It can be used with any of our framing beads and edge profiles.  It is most popular in traditional and transitional designs and is most often paired with the CRP10, CRP10161 and CRP10797 door styles.

Inset/No Bead – In this style of custom cabinetry, doors are inset with no overlay.  Because there is no door overlay, the door lays flush with the cabinetry.  It can be combined with any of our edge profiles, framing beads and raises, and is most popular in traditional and transition style design.  This cabinet style is typically paired with the Amesbury and CRP10 door styles, but can be combined with any of our styles.

Kountry Kraft offers other cabinet styles in addition to these, and one of our talented kitchen designers can help you determine which of our cabinet styles is right for your next custom cabinetry project.   They will show you visual examples of each style paired with our wood options, door styles and beads, and will work with you to narrow down the options to accomplish all of your design goals.