Tag: Paint with Brushed Glaze Finish

At Kountry Kraft we offer many finishes, and one popular option is our paint with Glazed Cabinets. We offer a variety of colors and even offer paint with brushed glaze finishes. Choosing a paint with glaze finish will give your cabinetry the perfect touch of color and really bring out the craftsmanship of the piece.

Paint with Glaze Finish


A glaze finish is applied to cabinetry as one of the last steps in the finishing process. We apply the glaze with a cloth or brush, and once it is applied, it is then wiped off to achieve the desired color. Below are the standard colors that we offer. We will custom match any paint that is requested by the client or designer. The paint with glaze finishes tend to look best on raised panel doors, but the process can be done on any door style you choose. The kitchen above was designed by Hanford Cabinet and Woodworking.

Finishes include:

  • Aged Ivory
  • Alpine with Coleman Glaze
  • Alpine with Aged Ivory Glaze
  • Alpine with Dykstra Glaze
  • Alpine with Black Glaze
  • Alpine with Gray Glaze
  • Alpine with Chocolate Glaze
  • Alpine with Van Dyke Glaze
  • Cranapple Red
  • Dykstra
  • French Beret with White Glaze
  • Gauntlet Gray with Dykstra Glaze
  • Honeysweet
  • Pettingill Sage with Brown Glaze
  • Slate
  • Suede
  • White Rock

Paint with Brushed Glazed CabinetsPaint with Brushed Glaze 2

Our paint with brushed glaze finishes are a little bit different and very unique. We apply this finish the same way we apply the paint with glaze finish, however we wipe it off leaving straight strokes along the cabinetry. The bathroom to the right was designed by Shawn Preis of Kountry Kraft. The finish on the bathroom vanity is a custom Paint with Brushed Glaze. Below are the different Paint with Brushed Glaze Finishes we offer.

Finishes include:

  • Bay Leaf
  • Brushed Ruby Dusk
  • Brushed Suede
  • Canyon Blue
  • Cremini
  • Sable


Choosing a paint with glaze or a paint with brushed glaze finish can change the look of your cabinetry entirely, whether it is for an accent piece or for your entire kitchen. These finishes allow you to express your personality through the renovation of your home. You can check out our other finishes here.